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Buy the best brands of poppers. From Jungle Juice Platinum to Jungle Juice Plus or even Amsterdam, Pig Black, Blue Boy… There are more than 100 poppers and lubricants references available, either individually or in packs. Our catalogue is very often updated to allow you to discover new products and exclusives like the great French brand Everest Aromas, only available on our site.

We carefully select our suppliers to ensure you benefit from the highest quality. Our products are carefully stored in the dark and in a ventilated room. This is so that our poppers keep their perfect aroma. By choosing Euro Poppers UK, you are guaranteed to buy real poppers on a 100% secure site. Order in one click and we will deliver them to you in 3 days and with the utmost discretion!

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Which Poppers to buy?

You may not know it but we owe the fabulous invention of poppers to a Frenchman, Antoine-Jérôme Balard, a chemist. He discovered alkyl nitrite in 1844 which means that poppers have been around for over 100 years. However, it is only since 1970 that we consume it mainly for sexual or recreational purposes because of the relaxing, aphrodisiac and sexual performance enhancement effects. Since then, the varieties of poppers have only increased. And you can, of course, get all of the different varieties of poppers on our website. They range from the most classic to the most exceptional, from Jungle Juice Platinum to Everest Zero. All the poppers available on our site are based on nitrites manufactured in compliance with French and European standards: Amyl Nitrite, Hexyl Nitrite, Pentyl Nitrite, Propyl Nitrite and even mixtures of nitrites for even better and more explosive results. The effects are different and last for more or less time depending on the nitrite type. On buy 9ml to 30ml vials at various prices. Poppers are vasodilators that can be consumed in several ways. You shouldn't inhale it, let its aroma diffuse into the room by leaving the vial open.

Warning: do not drink, do not get in the eyes, and do not leave within the reach of children.


Buy Amyl Nitrite Poppers

Amyl Nitrite is strong and gives you a gradual build-up for lasting effects, unlike regular aromas.


Amyl poppers available at

Jungle Juice Gold Label, Tiger, Amyl, Pig Juice, Pig Black, Everest Brutal, Everest Premium... 


Buy Pentyl Nitrite Poppers

Pentyl nitrite-based poppers are strong sexual stimulants with exceptional aphrodisiac properties. They are the worldwide best-selling Poppers. The effect is immediate and thanks to the pentyl nitrite they last longer as evaporation from the bottle is slower.


Pentyl poppers available on

Everest Black Label, Amsterdam Black Label, Everest Original, Real Amsterdam, Jungle Juice Black Label, Lockerroom Gold, Lockerroom Blue Boy, Juice Zero, Jungle Juice Plus, Fist…


Buy Propyl Nitrite Poppers

Propyl nitrite is the compound that is the source of poppers as we know it today. It is a very powerful chemical compound that was already all the rage in the 1980s.


Propyl nitrite poppers available on

Jungle Juice Platinum, Iron Horse, Juice zero, Pig Black, Black Out, Blue Boy, Liquid Gold, Amsterdam Poppers, Jungle Juice Black Label…


Buy Poppers Based On Nitrites Mixtures

For increased effects and even more intense experiences some poppers are a mix of nitrites: Amyl and Propyl nitrites, Propyl and Pentyl nitrites...

Poppers based on nitrite mixes:

Everest Zero, Jungle Juice Zero, Pig Juice, Dragon Strong, Toro Strong...


Buy Cheap Poppers Online

All of the poppers that we offer for sale are real poppers. We take the time to source directly from the manufacturers to bring you the best brands at the best prices. If you prefer poppers with a light aroma or, on the contrary, poppers with a strong aroma? On all tastes are allowed. Choose the one that suits you best and fulfil all your desires at the best price.


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Exclusive to

Everest Aromas, the great brand of original French Poppers that you won't find anywhere else. Everest Aromas offer a large range of aromas from the sweetest to the strongest: Everest Original, Brutal, Zero, Black Label or even our latest Enjoy It Strong, for even more fun. Also discover the strongest poppers in the world: Everest Premium. Made up of 95% pure amyl, this is a product made with love in France and only available on 


Discover the full Everest Aromas range on


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Further information

Following the cancellation by the Council of State of the decree of prohibition of 2011, Poppers are completely legal and authorised for sale and consumption since 3rd June 2013. Unlike a drug, there is no risk of dependence, addiction or physical intolerance.


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