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List of products by My.Size

Get both comfort and confidence with the condoms from the My.Size brand and its tailored sizes that fits all penises for the best intimate experience. 

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  • Condoms My.Size - 57mm -...
    Condoms My.Size - 57mm - Pack of 10
    My.Size 57mm. You can finally feel comfortable with the My Size condoms. My Size listens to its customers and so offers a wide range of condom sizes. Ideal for those who have a slimmer or larger penis, they will fit and satisfy everyone.Sold in packs of 10 condoms, this box is perfect for a penis with a circumference of 11.5-11.9cm, or 57mm in diameter....
  • Condoms - My.Size Pro - 69...
    Condoms - My.Size Pro - 69 mm - Pack of 10
    Combine protection and sensations by choosing My Size Pro! This brand of condoms offers several sizes depending on the circumference of the penis. The King Size model here will correspond to a circumference of 14cm or 69mm in diameter. Its total length, once unrolled, is approximately 22.5 cm.My Size condoms are of premium quality, this product is...
  • Condoms My.Size - 49mm -...
    Condoms My.Size - 49mm - Pack of 10
    This is a pack of 49mm in diameter Size condoms i.e. a circumference of 10-11cm. The maximum length of these condoms is approximately 16cm. My Size condoms are extremely thin, in fact, they are less than a millimetre thick. These are ultra-resistant condoms, made of natural latex, with reservoirs and pre-lubricated. They obviously have the CE standard....
  • Condoms My.Size Pro - 72mm x10
    Condoms My.Size Pro - 72mm x10
    My.Size Pro 72mm. My.Size has thought of every man by developing condoms for all penis sizes. The brand has developed a whole range of condoms, especially for you! Here we offer you the 72mm nominal width model which will fit a penis with a circumference larger than 14.5cm. You will enjoy a second skin effect thanks to the finesse of their material....
  • Condoms My.Size - 47mm -...
    Condoms My.Size - 47mm - Pack of 10
    My Size offers condoms in your size. This condom will fit a diameter of 47mm. Condoms in the 'My Size' range are ultra-thin condoms (less than 1mm thick). They obviously have the CE standard and are pre-lubricated. This model is approximately 16cm long. These are latex condoms created from natural rubber. They have reservoirs.With this ultra-thin condom,...
  • Condoms My.Size - 64mm x10
    Condoms My.Size - 64mm x10
    My Size offers condoms perfectly adjusted to your penis, whatever the size! My Size has listened to its customers and offers a wide range of condom sizes. Ideal for those who have a thinner or a wider penis, they will satisfy everyone. Discover the 64mm version for a circumference of 13-14cm. The length of this condom, when unrolled, is approximately...
  • Condoms My.Size Pro - 45mm...
    Condoms My.Size Pro - 45mm - Pack of 10
    Choose My size condoms to avoid getting the wrong size! With a second skin effect, these condoms will fit like a glove on men with a circumference of 8-9cm, or 45mm in diameter. The length of the fully unrolled condom is approximately 16cm. My Size condoms are premium quality condoms. They are ultra comfortable thanks to an extremely thin natural latex...
  • Condoms My.Size 60mm
    Condoms My.Size - 60mm x10
    My Size, the brand you need for custom-made condoms. Choose this King Size model for a circumference of 12 to 13cm. This reference, when unrolled, is approximately 19.5cm long. These condoms, made to CE standards, are pre-lubricated, transparent, smooth in texture and have a reservoir. These condoms are made from premium quality latex. The thickness of...

Looking for the ideal condom that fits your penis just right? Experience the perfect blend of comfort and confidence. My.Size brings you an exclusive range of condoms designed to match every size, ensuring an impeccable fit for every encounter. Their tailored sizes, small, large or regular, ensure an ideal fit for everyone because when it comes to pleasure, length matters.

Conveniently available in a pack, My.Size offers an easy and affordable solution for your intimate needs. Crafted from premium latex, use these condoms that prioritize quality at the best price so you can enjoy a worry-free, intimate experience. Order these meticulously designed condoms to ensure that you find your perfect match. 

My.Size Condoms not only prioritize your safety with a perfect fit but also enhance your pleasure with complimentary lubricant. Whether you prefer regular or large sizes, My.Size provides the best experience, recognizing and respecting the uniqueness of every penis. Your comfort, satisfaction, and peace of mind are at the heart of My.Size Condoms.

Add some spice and use My.Size high-quality condoms Enjoy every moment, knowing you've got the right fit for your penis size whether it is small, large or regular. Order the best latex products at the right price.