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  • Everest Premium Poppers 15ml Everest Premium Amyl Poppers wide opening Intensity 5 over 5
    • 20% off
    Everest Premium 15ml - Wide opening
    €12.72 20% off €15.90
    Discover Everest Premium Poppers with its Large opening. You may already know the Everest Premium poppers but this new edition comes in a bottle with a wider opening, for stronger and faster effects! The Everest Premium has the same composition with 70% pure Amyl nitrite. Be ready for an incredible moment with this strong and ultra-powerful aroma. We...
  • Amyl 24ml Poppers Amyl Poppers 24ml discreet parcel Intensity 5 over 5
    • 20% off
    Amyl Poppers 24ml
    €7.52 20% off €9.40
    Amyl 24ml. This poppers is reserved for regulars because of its extremely strong and powerful amyl formula. Its strength kicks in quickly for long-lasting vasodilatory effects. It will be your ideal companion under the sheets! You will be completely uninhibited when you smell its 1980s-style scent and feel its rush of euphoria that will take you to a...
  • Everest Premium Ultra Strong 15ml Everest Premium Poppers Ultra Strong Intensity 5 over 5
    • 20% off
    Everest Premium Ultra Strong 15ml
    €14.32 20% off €17.90
    Everest Premium Ultra Strong Poppers. The well-known Everest Premium reinvents itself, to bring you effects you've never tried before. Strongest poppers ever made, thanks to innovative development. This Everest premium Ultra strong is formulated with 90% of the highest quality amyl nitrite.   15ml of amyl formula available in a glass bottle with a wide...
  • 10ml AMYL Poppers AMYL Poppers - 10ml discreet parcel Intensity 5 over 5
    • 20% off
    AMYL Poppers - 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    AMYL Poppers in a 10ml bottle. This Poppers is an extremely powerful vasodilator. Do not trust its small size, it is as strong as the Amyl available in 24ml. Privileged for the regulars of the Poppers. Only based on Amyl nitrite, it will allow you to have fun and reach powerful orgasms.    Amyl nitrite based 10 ml Bottle
  • Amyl Poppers 15ml Strong Amyl Poppers 15ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Amyl Poppers 15ml
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    This Amyl based poppers is made in France. Created for experts, the Amyl poppers are, as its name suggests, Amyl nitrite based. Its wide opening will delight poppers lovers who will benefit from ultra-strong effects. Its small 15ml size allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. Whether you are looking for poppers for sex or for partying, you'll be...
  • Le Jus Amyl Based Poppers 10ml Le Jus Amyl Poppers 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Le Jus Amyl Based 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    The brand Le Jus offers you Amyl Base poppers, made from amyl nitrite, which is one of the strongest molecules. Its molecule does not have any impact on erectile functions, so it is ideal for sex. Its powerful effects will allow you to feel total relaxation of all your muscles as well as a feeling of euphoria for a few moments after its use, it is perfect...
  • Le Jus Amyl Based Poppers 24ml Le Jus Amyl Poppers 24ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Le Jus Amyl Based 24ml
    €7.52 20% off €9.40
    Discover the new Le Jus brand with its Amyl Based Poppers. Available in a 24ml bottle, enjoy its large format now. Made using Amyl nitrite, this poppers will make you completely relax. Its molecule does not affect erectile functions, perfect for your sex moments. It is also perfect for your recreational evenings because it has a powerful euphoric and...
  • Iron Fist 30ml Poppers Iron Fist 30ml discreet parcel Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Iron Fist 30ml
    €8.72 20% off €10.90
    Iron Fist Amyl 30ml. A 100% underground poppers! Originally from Berlin, this new version, sold in a round, unbreakable aluminium bottle, will gradually relax your muscles thanks to its Amyl nitrite base. This very strong vasodilator is reserved for regulars.     Amyl nitrite based 30ml bottle
  • Meta amyl poppers Meta amyl 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Amyl 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Meta Amyl Poppers 10ml. Welcome to the world of euphoria and intense pleasure with the exclusive Meta Amyl poppers, available only from Euro Poppers UK! Designed for thrill-seekers, this popper will take you to new heights.   Meta Amyl aroma contains 10ml of stabilised isoamyl nitrite. Its practical format is perfect for taking to all your parties and...
  • Gate 15ml poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Gate 15ml
    €8.72 20% off €10.90
    Gate Amyl 15ml. This poppers is a brand new version made in France. Amyl nitrite provides optimal relaxation of the anal muscles for perfect penetration and maximum comfort! Its super long-lasting effects will satisfy all the picky and the most creative among you!   Made in France Amyl nitrite 15ml Bottle
  • Everest Titanium 15ml poppers Everest Titanium 15ml discreet parcel Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Everest Titanium 15ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Everest Titanium 15ml. The famous French brand unveiled a strong poppers, Titanium, in 2020. A powerful Amyl nitrite based Poppers. In the tradition of Amyl poppers, Titanium poppers are reserved for connoisseurs... Its aphrodisiac effects are ideal for awakening the senses... Available in a 15ml bottle, Everest Titanium is also equipped with a security...
  • Amyl Déjà Vu poppers 30ml Déjà Vu Amyl poppers 30ml Intensity 5 over 5
    • 20% off
    Amyl Déjà Vu 30ml
    €15.92 20% off €19.90
    Experience great moments as if for the first time with the Amyl Déjà Vu poppers. This new French scent is made, as the name suggests, from high-quality amyl nitrite, the strongest molecule of all. Its 30ml bottle is equipped with an airtight cap, which allows for better preservation of the precious juice.  Amyl Déjà Vu is a Euro Poppers UK exclusive, you...
  • Iron Fist 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    • New
    Iron Fist 10ml
    €7.12 20% off €8.90
    Iron Fist 10 ml. The famous poppers is finally available in a small 10 ml version. It is also made of strong amyl nitrite and is designed for adventure seekers. Its small size is ideal to take it anywhere with you and keep the fun going anytime! Don't underestimate its tiny version, the vasodilatory effects are as strong as the XL format.   Amyl nitrite...
  • Super Rush Black Label 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Super Rush Black Label 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Super Rush Black Label 10ml. This is the poppers to test as soon as possible! Our customers at Euro Poppers UK share this opinion. Composed of amyl nitrite in a 10ml bottle, this product is here at the best price. Always in stock, you will be seduced by its incredible sexual stimulating effect. The added bonus of Amyl nitrite is the more powerful effects...
  • Silver Skull Amyl 15ml Skull Amyl 15ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    • New
    Silver Skull Amyl 15ml
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    Silver Skull Amyl 15ml. Discover Silver Skull Amyl and its original 15ml skull-shaped bottle. This poppers contains amyl nitrite, the strongest of all aromas on the market. You won't go unnoticed with this iconic bottle that will elevate your parties. Boost your sexual desire to bring your night to another level. This shiny silver bottle is the perfect...
  • super rush poppers super rush poppers uk Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Super Rush 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Super Rush poppers 10 ml. Need a powerful super rush effect? You've come to the right place! Super Rush poppers from the famous Rush brand is a small-sized but powerful bottle. Amyl nitrite-based, it offers fast and strong effects for a very attractive price. The juice of this Rush poppers is perfect for initiates who wish to try a different aroma. Its...
  • Gold Rush 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Gold Rush 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Gold Rush 10 ml. If you are a regular popper user, Gold Rush poppers is for you! This poppers is made by the famous Rush brand. Thanks to the l present in the 10 ml bottle, you will experience an incredible rush, and at the best price. The Gold Rush poppers are made from Amyl nitrite, perfect for a powerful surge. Despite its small bottle, the Gold Rush...
  • Daddy Poppers 15ml Daddy poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    • New
    Daddy Poppers 15ml
    €5.52 20% off €6.90
    Be a good boy and treat your daddy with this 15ml bottle of strong amyl nitrite from the Everest Aromas brand. Indulge your desires, explore the depths of your fantasies, and surrender to Daddy Poppers. Its powerful vasodilatory effects will bring you to your knees. Enjoy a smooth penetration and give daddy what he wants. This kinky poppers will be your...

Amyl Nitrite

Amyl Poppers Nitrite available on Euro Poppers UK


The history of Amyl Poppers UK

Amyl nitrite also called Isoamyl nitrite belongs to the Alkyl nitrite family. Be careful not to confuse it with nitrate! Amyl nitrite was the first nitrite to be synthesised for consumption as we know it today. Its formula was synthesised in 1844 by Antoine-Jérôme Balard, a French chemist. And yes, it was a French man who invented poppers. In the past, amyl nitrite products were used as a medicine. The aim of using this type of product was therefore to improve health. In the beginning, amyl nitrite products were used to treat people with tonsillitis. It was later found that they could be used to improve the health of people with heart problems. Today, amyl nitrite is mostly used to make recreational poppers. It serves as a great sex stimulant and has a great and quick effect. It is a great but volatile product, which allows amyl nitrite poppers to have long-lasting effects, but it shouldn't be stored for too long after opening.


The effects of Poppers with Amyl Nitrite

Amyl poppers nitrite-based, along with Pentyl nitrite-based poppers, are the bestsellers throughout the world. Poppers are mainly used for sex stimulation. The high is gradual. Using poppers give people new intense sensations of warmth and a rush of euphoria. The great advantage of Amyl nitrite poppers is that the usual quick effects last much longer than poppers made with other nitrites. Your muscles relax effectively and almost immediately. Be prepared to be totally inhibited if you use strong Amyl nitrite poppers!


Amyl nitrite poppers come under the extra-strong flavours category! Thrill-seekers should be aware: our Amyl nitrite poppers are made for you! Let your sex creativity run wild! Satisfaction guaranteed!


Amyl Poppers in stock at Euro Poppers UK

Order strong amyl poppers like Everest Brutal, Amyl, Pig Juice, Everest Premium, Amsterdam Cleaner New Formula ... at the best price. 


Poppers based on a mix of Amyl and Propyl Nitrites

There are recreational poppers based on a new formula, made of a mixture of nitrites for even greater effects. Euro Poppers UK invites you to discover amyl and Propyl nitrite poppers. Using this mixture of nitrites will give an immediate and lasting relaxing effect thanks to the virtues of Amyl nitrite. You will experience exhilarating sex experiences. Your orgasms will be longer and even more intense thanks to this type of juice. 


Order strong poppers based on a mix of Amyl nitrites and Propyl in stock on Pig Black, Pig Juice, Everest Zero ...


Poppers uk consumption modes and uses

People use poppers in several ways for different purposes. The most common way is to inhale it. To do this you can use a great inhaler in which you insert a cotton ball soaked in poppers. This allows you to safely inhale the poppers through the small openings of the inhaler. You can say goodbye to untimely burns. Another proven method of consumption is to leave the popper bottle open in a closed room so that its aroma spreads throughout the space. So let your senses get drunk on its scent. Otherwise, you can also use a diffuser which is just as effective to get your rush of euphoria. 


However you use your products, you will feel the magical quick effects of poppers.


Poppers legislation

Since the decree of the Council of State of June 2013 the sale and use of poppers is completely legal and authorised in Europe. Poppers are not drugs but a vasodilator. In other words, it is a stimulant that dilates blood vessels. The poppers do not enter the brain. Unlike drugs, there is no physical or psychological dependence. 


All poppers sold on are manufactured in compliance with European standards.


Risk for your health?

There may be certain risks if you do not carefully follow the instructions of use.


Here are some tips from Euro Poppers UK:

Do not combine these aromas with sex stimulants like Viagra or Cialis. Do not drink. If the product gets in your eyes, rinse immediately and call a doctor. Poppers are flammable. Keep out of reach of children.


Let's recap, Amyl poppers is:

  • a sex stimulant
  • for recreational use
  • the high is gradual
  • rush of euphoria
  • dilation of anal muscles
  • facilitates penetration
  • the strong effects last over time
  • total disinhibition
  • extra strong aroma
  • intense mixture with propyl nitrite
  • not a drug
  • do not combine with sex stimulants (Viagra, etc.)
  • do not use if you have blood pressure problems


Have Amyl nitrite Poppers delivered to UK delivers to UK, across EU and worldwide. Our logistics team prepares your order with care and in discreet packages. Online Poppers UK can spoil you! For any order placed before 2 p.m., we will ship it to you the same day. The delivery arrives in 2 to 4 days at your home. 100% secure payment by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card (credit and debit). Don't wait any longer, view and order Amyl nitrite poppers now at! Free delivery for purchases over €39.90.


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