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List of products by Boners

Boners' collection is specially designed for men's pleasure with its many high-quality silicone-based items for the penis and testicles. 

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  • Erection Cream Boners packaging Erection Stimulating Cream Boners
    Erection Stimulating Cream - Boners - 100ml
    Erection Stimulating Cream Boners 100 ml. This erection stimulating cream from Boners will help your erections last longer. How to apply it? Just massage your penis regularly with this erection cream. When used regularly, it will take you less and less time to get an erection. We advise you to wait until the erection cream has completely penetrated before...
  • XXL Cream Power Erection Boners packaging XXL Cream Power Erection Boners
    XXL Cream Power Erection - Boners - 100ml
    Penis XXL erection Cream Boners. Want a bigger erection? The Penis XXL erection cream from Boners is just what you need! To use it, nothing could be simpler, just massage your penis with a little cream, the cream will stimulate blood circulation and thus increase the volume of your penis. You will enjoy greater stimulation and a better orgasm. It is...
  • Delay Ejaculation Cream Boners Packaging Delay Ejaculation Cream Boners 100ml
    Delay Ejaculation Cream - Boners - 100ml
    Delay Cream Boners 100 ml. Aim for limitless pleasure with Boners Delay cream. This cream delays orgasm and allows you to enjoy a longer lasting erection. The silky texture of the cream is very pleasant on the skin. Apply a little cream to the penis and massage until it is absorbed. The cream has a numbing effect, so it is recommended to wait a few...
  • Delay Spray From Boners packaging Delay Spray From Boners
    Ejaculation Delay Spray - Boners - 15ml
    Delay Spray Boners. This ejaculation delay spray will delay orgasm so that you can continue taking pleasure for longer. It comes in a small 15ml bottle so is the ideal size to be kept on your bedside table. Its pressure valve allows easy application. How to proceed? Shake the bottle before use and spray 2-5 times on your penis. Test a small amount of...

Boners is a brand dedicated exclusively to men. The Boners collection consists of various items for the penis and testicles. The brand offers cock rings, penis extenders, masturbators and a range of creams and gels for men. The toys are suitable for all penis sizes. Boners are easy to use with a cool, masculine look. Boners offers exactly what you need when you want to enjoy longer sex. The sex toys, including penis rings, testicle extenders, penis sleeves and testicle spreaders, are made from high-quality silicone. These silicones are 100% odorless, do not become porous, and are very long-lasting. The silicone material is incredibly soft and stretchy, so you always get the right fit when wearing it. Once you've finished playing with your Boners sex toys, you can easily clean them with toy cleaner.