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List of products by Rush Poppers

Get your dose of intensity thanks to the Rush Poppers brand. Their powerful aromas are quick-acting and will take you on an incredible journey.

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  • Rush PWD 10ml Intensity 3 over 5
    Rush PWD 10ml
    Rush PWD 10ml. Ideal for those looking for an extreme rush! The 10ml bottle seems small but beware of appearances because its effects are strong..! Our customers share this opinion of Rush PWD. You will feel the effects in just a couple of minutes. Enjoy it at the best market price on Euro Poppers UK. Unparalleled sexual stimulant, Rush PWD poppers are...
  • Super Rush Black Label 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    Super Rush Black Label 10ml
    Super Rush Black Label 10ml. This is the poppers to test as soon as possible! Our customers at Euro Poppers UK share this opinion. Composed of amyl nitrite in a 10ml bottle, this product is here at the best price. Always in stock, you will be seduced by its incredible sexual stimulating effect. The added bonus of Amyl nitrite is the more powerful effects...
  • Trio Rush 10ml (PWD / Black... Intensity 4 over 5
    Trio Rush 10ml (PWD / Black Label / Gold Rush)
    Trio Rush 10ml. Ready for the big rush? Go on a great adventure with this trio of Rush Poppers! These three aromas await you, made by the very famous brand, Rush. This is the perfect time to test the three Rush aromas. Maybe you will discover a favourite? This pack of poppers is composed of a 10ml bottle of Amyl nitrite based, Super Rush Black Label...
  • Gold Rush 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    Gold Rush 10ml
    Gold Rush 10 ml. If you are a regular popper user, Gold Rush poppers is for you! This poppers is made by the famous Rush brand. Thanks to the l present in the 10 ml bottle, you will experience an incredible rush, and at the best price. The Gold Rush poppers are made from Amyl nitrite, perfect for a powerful surge. Despite its small bottle, the Gold Rush...
  • super rush poppers super rush poppers uk Intensity 4 over 5
    Super Rush 10ml
    Super Rush poppers 10 ml. Need a powerful super rush effect? You've come to the right place! Super Rush poppers from the famous Rush brand is a small-sized but powerful bottle. Amyl nitrite-based, it offers fast and strong effects for a very attractive price. The juice of this Rush poppers is perfect for initiates who wish to try a different aroma. Its...
  • Rush PWD poppers 10ml 3-pack Rush PWD 10ml x3 Intensity 3 over 5
    Rush PWD 10ml 3-pack
    Rush PWD poppers 10ml x3. Choose the aroma that suits you by opting for the 10ml bottle of Rush PWD poppers. Buying this Poppers pack will also allow you to stock up with the best poppers from the famous Rush brand. The Rush PWD poppers are 1OO% fresh juice Propyl nitrite based. For a powerful rush, this is definitely the poppers that you need. In just an...
  • Super Rush Black Label 3-pack Super Rush Black Label x3 Intensity 4 over 5
    Super Rush Black Label 10ml 3-pack
    Super Rush Black Label 10ml x3. Why order just one bottle of Super Rush Black Label Poppers when you can order a pack of 3 bottles? Super Rush Black is an original Poppers from the famous Rush brand, contained in a 10ml bottle. These poppers are Amyl nitrite based. You can use this product either for partying or as a sexual stimulant. In stock, Super Rush...
  • Gold Rush 10ml 3-Pack Gold Rush 10ml x3 Intensity 4 over 5
    Gold Rush 10ml 3-Pack
    Gold Rush Poppers x3 Pack. Are you looking for an intense rush effect? Then you made the right choice by choosing Rush Gold Poppers from the unmissable brand Rush. This is a quality product. By choosing to buy the 3-pack, you are guaranteed the best price available on the market. Each bottle contains 10ml of Poppers, perfect for your hot and euphoric...
  • Rush PWD Poppers 5-pack Rush PWD 10ml x5 Intensity 3 over 5
    Rush PWD 10ml 5-pack
    Rush PWD Poppers x5. Are the Rush poppers your favourite Poppers brand? If so then you must not wait any longer. Top up your stocks with this pack of 5 bottles! The particularly popular Rush PWD poppers are Propyl nitrite based, specially designed to give you a very pleasant high... Buying the pack of 5 will allow you to take advantage of the lowest...
  • Super Rush Black Label 10ml 5-pack Super Rush Black Label 10ml x5 Intensity 4 over 5
    Super Rush Black Label 10ml 5-pack
    Super Rush Black Label 10ml x5. Your favourite Poppers, Super Rush Black Label in stock at Euro Poppers UK! Save money by choosing the Super Rush Black Label Popper Pack. In 10ml bottles, the Black Label from Rush can be discreetly and easily carried anywhere. Its powerful aroma will take you to a new delirious and attractive world. This Amyl...
  • Gold Rush poppers 5-Pack Gold Rush 10ml x5 Intensity 4 over 5
    Gold Rush 10ml 5-Pack
    Gold Rush 10ml x5. Head for ecstasy with the Rush Gold poppers in a 5-pack! Go ahead and plan your best parties or sex sessions with the pack of 5 bottles of Rush Gold poppers. Choosing Rush means choosing the reference brand of poppers on the market. Gold Rush is an Amyl nitrite-based Poppers in a 10ml bottle. This strong poppers can boost your senses...
  • Rush Zero 10ml Intensity 3 over 5
    Rush Zero 10ml
    Rush Zero 10ml. Opt for Rush Zero Poppers from the famous Rush vasodilator brand. The happiness contained in the 10ml bottle will be enough to convince you. Because of its strength and power, Rush Zero poppers is not for novices but for experts! For extreme sensations Rush zero is a mix of two nitrites: Amyl and Propyl. In a few minutes, you will benefit...
  • 10ml Cristal Poppers by Rush Intensity 4 over 5
    Cristal by Rush 10ml
    Be tempted by the new Rush Poppers. The precious formula of Cristal Rush is based on pentyl nitrite. This nitrite is one of the most powerful for making strong poppers. The pentyl is highly recommended for your erotic nights and possibly during festive events to keep you stimulated all night long. Contained in a 10ml bottle, the opening is wide enough for...
  • Cristal Rush 10ml 3-Pack Cristal Rush 10ml x3 Intensity 4 over 5
    • New
    Cristal Rush 10ml 3-Pack
    Cristal Rush 10ml 3-Pack. Enjoy the strength of pentyl nitrite in a 3-pack. Cristal Rush Poppers Pack is the ideal companion to make you go wild under the sheets! Pentyl based, this aroma is a powerful vasodilator, perfect for kinky positions. You'll reach new heights of pleasure with these 10ml bottles. Experience the thrill of the night.    Pentyl...
  • Cristal Rush poppers 10ml 5-Pack Cristal Rush poppers 10ml x5 Intensity 4 over 5
    • New
    Cristal Rush 10ml 5-Pack
    Cristal Rush 10ml 5-Pack. Step into a realm of intensified sensations with the Cristal Poppers 5-pack, featuring a potent pentyl formula designed to elevate your pleasure to exhilarating new heights. It's your perfect companion for an extraordinary and intimately satisfying experience. Five 10ml bottles to fill up on euphoria and elevate your nights out....
  • 30ml Rush Pocket poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    Rush Pocket 30ml
    Rush Pocket 30ml. Choose quality with the large size 30ml Rush Pocket poppers! No need to reintroduce the brand Rush! The Rush Pocket poppers has all the advantages: its rush is strong and intense. An Amyl nitrite based poppers whose aroma promises you a moment of extreme sharing. Because of its strength this product is perfectly suitable for the more...

Step into the realm of sensory power with Rush poppers—an iconic, quick-acting sensation bottle that embodies super intensity. Available in the original blend of potent aromas, these poppers promise a strong experience that amplifies your moments with a rush like no other. In pack or by unit, shop the nitrite you like whether it is amyl, pentyl or propyl bottle. 

Try out the Black Label amyl poppers, an intense formula from the Rush brand that offers a view into a world where sensations are high up to extraordinary levels. Or shop the Gold Rush bottle if you wish to enjoy the power of its nitrite. Buy these aromas at a low price and enjoy their quick and strong effects. A Rush PWD, the best choice if you are looking for an intense rush and a small handy-to-carry 10ml bottle.

These poppers add a burst of exhilaration, encapsulating the essence of the Rush experience. They invite you to embrace the quick surge of sensations, a swift and intense rush that defines the brand's allure. The original formula, contained in an original gold, black or yellow label, serves as a portal to an extraordinary adventure, where moments are transformed into unforgettable experiences.

In the world of poppers, Rush brand is one of the best, providing an unparalleled power that leaves an indelible mark on every sensory voyage. It's more than just a juice—it's an invitation to savor the quick, high power its effects bring.

Buy your amyl, propyl or pentyl poppers online at the best price and take its small yet strong bottle anywhere with you. Add some at your parties and make the best of your night under the sheets! Also available in a pack to try out the Gold, Black label or regular aromas from the Rush brand.