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List of products by MOI

The brand MOI is known for its high-quality accessories such as gas masks, to give you a sexy and incredible alien look. 

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  • Poppers Gas Mask Hose poppers mask filter hose
    Poppers Gas Mask Hose
    Poppers Gas Mask Hose. With its ribbed, flexible texture, it can be combined with the gas mask and filter cartridge. This hose is covered with an outer fabric to protect it. This gas mask equipment will enhance your fetish and BDSM experience. Get the complete gas mask pack to dive into a world of heightened pleasure. Gas mask hose 40 mm threads with...
  • Poppers Gas Mask Filter Cartridge poppers gas mask cartridge
    Poppers Gas Mask Cartridge Filter
    Gas mask filter cartridge. This cartridge is part of the integral gas mask for poppers. It screws perfectly onto the mask hose, also sold individually. Using the cartridge with a gas mask is the best way to enjoy your poppers to its fullest thanks to a cotton pad soaked in your favourite poppers on the inside. You'll feel the effects tenfold, ideal for a...
  • poppers gas mask full pack rubber mask full pack
    Poppers Gas Mask Full Pack
    Poppers Gas Mask full pack. This is all you need for an exhilarating and intense night under the sheets in one single order! The poppers gas mask pack is composed of: rubber mask cartridge filter filter hose Also known as a “Russian mask”, this mask possesses 2 eye openings compared to other products with a panoramic visor.  The poppers gas mask has many...
  • rubber poppers mask poppers gas mask
    Rubber Poppers Mask
    The rubber poppers mask is a comfortable black rubber mask that covers the entire face. Sold without accessories, it is one of the components of a complete gas mask. It comes in one size, but is stretchable to fit all. This poppers mask is also nicknamed the "Russian mask" because of its unique feature: it has 2 eye openings, unlike other models with...
  • alien gas mask Alien Poppers Gas Mask
    Alien Poppers Gas Mask
    Seeking an original and sexy look for your play nights? Try out this sexy Alien gas mask for poppers and its 2 eye openings.  It also has a separate air inlet and outlet. Designed for fetishes, this accessory fits all heads thanks to its detachable and size-adjustable straps at the back. The mask is based on the classic Israeli gas mask.  In addition to...
  • Alien Poppers Gas Mask Full Pack Alien Poppers Gas Mask pack
    Alien Poppers Gas Mask Pack
    This pack of the Alien gas mask has 2 eye openings and a separate air inlet and outlet. Sold with its filter cartridge and hose, this fetish gas mask will give you a sexy "alien" look.  Ideal for rubber fetishes and breathing control games. This mask is based on the classic Israeli gas mask and is size-adjustable with detachable straps at the back of the...
  • Poppers MSX Futuristic Gas Mask poppers msx gas mask
    Poppers Gas Mask MSX Futuristic
    MSX Futuristic Poppers Gas Mask. Discover this black mask with a futuristic look and its integral visor from MOI brand. It offers a panoramic vision and many advantages. On the front of this gas mask, there's a connector to add standard M40 tubing if you wish. You can design your own gas mask! It's a one-size-fits-all mask, which can be adjusted thanks to...
  • poppers msx pack accessories gas mask pack
    Poppers Mask Pack - MSX + Accessories
    Poppers Gas Mask MSX + Accessories Pack. Looking for a unique accessory to use your poppers? Discover the Poppers MSX mask with its hose and cartridge filter. This full pack is perfect for fetish and BDSM practices. Inspired by the most incredible BDSM costumes, this mask offers a panoramic vision. With a partner, discover and appreciate the aromas every...
  • T-splitter for poppers mask t-splitter
    T-Splitter For Poppers Mask
    T-Splitter For Poppers Mask. Specially designed to use with poppers masks, this T-Splitter will be your best ally for an unforgettable night. Your poppers accessory is fitted with two outings to vary your pleasures, it can be: an air outing on one side and a poppers one on the other. Add the T-Splitter to your mask and multiply the combinations to make...
  • mini aroma bottle mini aroma bottle poppers mask
    Mini Aroma Bottle For Poppers Mask
    Mini Aroma Bottle for Poppers Mask. Want to have a futuristic mask for poppers? We have exactly what you need: a mini aroma bottle to enjoy the poppers effects fully. It is easily screwed onto your mask thanks to the M40 connector integrated directly into the mask.    How to use it?
 Add cotton, soaked in your favourite nitrite, inside the mini bottle and...