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  • Delay Ejaculation Cream Boners Packaging Delay Ejaculation Cream Boners 100ml
    Delay Ejaculation Cream - Boners - 100ml
    Delay Cream Boners 100 ml. Aim for limitless pleasure with Boners Delay cream. This cream delays orgasm and allows you to enjoy a longer lasting erection. The silky texture of the cream is very pleasant on the skin. Apply a little cream to the penis and massage until it is absorbed. The cream has a numbing effect, so it is recommended to wait a few...
  • Delay Spray From Boners packaging Delay Spray From Boners
    Ejaculation Delay Spray - Boners - 15ml
    Delay Spray Boners. This ejaculation delay spray will delay orgasm so that you can continue taking pleasure for longer. It comes in a small 15ml bottle so is the ideal size to be kept on your bedside table. Its pressure valve allows easy application. How to proceed? Shake the bottle before use and spray 2-5 times on your penis. Test a small amount of...
  • SupraMen Sex Booster x20 SupraMen Sex Booster 20 Tablets
    SupraMen Stimulant - 20 Tablets
    SupraMen 20 capsules. SupraMen sexual booster is one of the best selling sexual enhancers. This supplement, made in France, increases sexual power and desire and delays ejaculation by maintaining an erection. Sexual vitality is restored. It is recommended to take 2 capsules of SupraMen 1 hour before intercourse. SupraMen booster is a sexual stimulant that...
  • SupraMen Stimulant x10 SupraMen Stimulant 10 tablets
    SupraMen Stimulant - 10 Tablets
    SupraMen 10 capsules. Based on natural ingredients, the SupraMen sexual stimulant has all you need! SupraMen aphrodisiac sexual stimulant is one of the best selling sexual enhancers. In fact, SupraMen reinforces sexual power and desire and delays ejaculation by extending the erection. In just one capsule, SupraMen helps to improve 4 aspects of your sex...
  • Maxi Control Stimulant Maxi Control Stimulant 60 tablets
    Maxi Control Supplement - Capsules
    Maxi Control 60 capsules. Maxi Control "Delayed Ejaculation" capsules are an excellent sexual stimulant if you experience the following issues:                Premature ejaculation Sexual intercourse too short Stress due to daily life Decreased sexual performance...             These issues are common: 20% of men are affected by prematurity in their...
  • XPower Delay Gel
    XPower - Delay Gel
    Delay Gel 60 ml. Time and pleasure are extended with Delay Gel sexual stimulant. It has the ability to delay ejaculation and therefore extends your sexual intercourse. Apply Delay Gel stimulant before or during sex. The important part is to massage your penis or your partner's penis until the product has been absorbed so that its delaying effect is...
  • Maxi Control Delay Gel
    Maxi Control - Delay Gel
    Maxi Control 60ml. Maxi Control gel improves sexual endurance! Indeed, the French laboratory Labophyto offers a delaying gel so that your sexual intercourse lasts longer. With effect on the penis sensitivity, Maxi Control gel delays ejaculation during sex. Amaze your partner with Maxi Control delay gel.          Ideal for people who are affected by...

Delay Ejaculation

Delay Ejaculation Products available on Euro Poppers UK


Premature ejaculation is a problem that many men experience today.  However, though this situation is really taboo, knowing that you’re not the only one could help you fight this problem more easily because, fortunately,  there are solutions to delay ejaculation!

Has your sex life become worse because of too short sexual intercourse? Have you already tried dozens of exercises to delay ejaculation without any significant results? The solution you’ve always been dreaming of could be just in a bottle.


How to delay your ejaculation?

You read it well: today there are products specially made to delay ejaculation. In gel, cream or tablet form, this delaying product will relax the penile muscle and thus desensitise the penis.

Being less stimulated, the sensations will be reduced in order to delay your ejaculation without giving your pleasure a miss. You will eventually develop your sexual stamina to enjoy your intimate relations longer resulting in a pleasure shared by you and your partner!


In which case should you use a product to delay your ejaculation?

Using a product to delay your ejaculation is recommended if you have problems with premature ejaculation.

Then, you may not experience problems of premature ejaculation but you can use a delaying lubricant if you want to develop your sexual stamina for longer moments of intimacy with your partner.

Last, this product is also suitable to extend your pleasure during masturbation on your own.


How to use a product to delay ejaculation?

Using a product to delay ejaculation is effective but requires some organisation.


You have to apply some product to your erect penis and massage it so that you won’t risk reducing your partner’s sensations. If necessary, you can then use a condom since most of our creams and gels are compatible with this type of protection.


The way to use your delaying lubricant can however vary from one product to another. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Why buy your delaying gel from Euro Poppers UK?

At Euro Poppers UK, we have a  wide catalogue of natural sexual stimulants made from plant extracts and molecules renowned for improving your sex life.

Do you have a doubt about the efficiency of our products? Know that our customer’s pleasure is our priority.

Oder your sexual stimulants or your lubricant to delay ejaculation, right now on Euro Poppers UK and enjoy moments of extended pleasure (discreet delivery within 2 to 4 days). Premature ejaculation will soon be a distant memory!