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List of products by Amsterdam Poppers

Named after the Netherlands' capitol, Amsterdam poppers brand is known for its powerful and high-quality poppers which offers a unique experience through its different flavours. 

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  • Amsterdam 24ml Poppers Intensity 2 over 5
    Amsterdam 24ml
    Amsterdam 24ml. Travel to a world of pleasure thanks to the extraordinary aromas of Amsterdam poppers made with propyl nitrite. Live fabulous sexual experiences thanks to an immediate relaxation of the anal muscles. The Amsterdam Poppers is one of the best selling poppers in the world!    Propyl nitrite based 24ml bottle
  • Amsterdam Strong 15 ml 3-pack Amsterdam Strong 15 ml x3 Intensity 3 over 5
    • New
    Amsterdam Strong 15 ml 3-pack
    Amsterdam Strong 15 ml 3-pack. You'll love Amsterdam Strong Poppers in a 3-pack whether you're a beginner or initiate! Blend of amyl and propyl nitrites, it is, as the name suggest, a powerful aroma. Amsterdam Strong is renowned for its euphoric and vasodilatory effects. Enjoy this poppers three times more with the 3-pack and bring this iconic orange...
  • Amsterdam Strong 15 ml 5-pack Amsterdam Strong 15 ml x5 Intensity 3 over 5
    • New
    Amsterdam Strong 15 ml 5-pack
    Amsterdam Strong 15 ml 5-pack. Amsterdam Strong Poppers is a premium quality recreational aroma designed to elevate your experiences. Made to deliver an intense and exhilarating rush of euphoria, this amyl and propyl poppers is perfect for enhancing your leisure time or spicing up intimate moments. Named after the vibrant city of Amsterdam, renowned for...
  • Amsterdam Poppers XXX Pride 10ml Amsterdam Poppers XXX Amyl 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    Amsterdam Poppers XXX Pride 10ml
    Find on Poppers UK the Amsterdam XXX LGBT Poppers in a mini version of 10ml. You will find the Amyl nitrite formula in its opaque glass bottle to better preserve it. Succumb to its erotic and aphrodisiac effects that you won't want to do without. Let the Amsterdam XXX LGBT poppers brighten up your sex life!    Aphrodisiac effects You will also find...
  • Amsterdam Cleaner Poppers UK Amsterdam Poppers Cleaner 24ml Intensity 4 over 5
    Amsterdam Cleaner Poppers 24ml
    We're no longer at the stage of introducing you to Amsterdam poppers and their more than well-known aphrodisiac aromas! Discover now the new Amsterdam Poppers "The Cleaner", a Amyl nitrate-based formula, one of the most powerful molecules on the market. Its safety cap will allow you to carry it anywhere and its generous 24ml bottle to enjoy its...
  • Amsterdam XXX LGBT 24ml poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    Amsterdam XXX LGBT 24ml
    The Amsterdam XXX LGBT from the famous Belgian brand Amsterdam pays tribute to the LGBT community with its extra-strong Amyl nitrite-based power. This poppers, thanks to the hilarious and aphrodisiac effects, will enable you to bring your wildest fantasies to life and will quickly become the ideal accessory for your craziest evenings. It will increase...
  • Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 10ml Amsterdam poppers Ultra Strong 10ml Intensity 3 over 5
    Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 10ml
    The Amsterdam brand has released its XXX Amsterdam Ultra Strong poppers in a 10ml format. Regulars of this intense aroma will be delighted to have this Amsterdam Poppers in a small bottle and to be able to take it with them everywhere and anywhere. Its aroma is powerful thanks to the Pentyl nitrite. Treat yourself to intense excitement and pleasure...
  • Amsterdam Black Label 24ml Poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    Amsterdam Black Label 24ml
    Amsterdam Black Label 24ml. Prolong the pleasure with the Black Label aroma from the famous Amsterdam brand. The guarantee of high quality in a strong poppers thanks to Amyl nitrite. Let this 24ml bottle enhance your nights and reveal the beast inside you. Surprise your partner with this must-have accessory for your wild nights! Let your fantasies run...
  • Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 24ml Intensity 4 over 5
    Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 24ml
    Made by the famous Belgian brand, the new Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 24ml poppers are certainly the strongest in the range. Pentyl nitrite based, it will suit both those used to strong sensations and those who wish to discover new effects. With its large size and attractive price, it will appeal to many. Perfect for partying and for sex, its scent will...

Well known for its original and strong aromas, Amsterdam poppers occupy a special position among enthusiasts. The brand is named after the famous capital of the Netherlands renowned for its tolerance and open-mindedness. It offers a variety of captivating aromas, carefully crafted to awaken your senses and create unique experiences. Each Amsterdam product offers a quick view into a treasury of golden experiences.

Whether you're looking for an energetic power rush or a more subtle sensation, Amsterdam has products to suit every preference. Find a large range of the Amsterdam bottles for sale at the best price on Poppers Aromas.

Amsterdam poppers are characterized by their original formula carefully crafted to deliver an intense and special experience. Whether it is Amyl, propyl or pentyl aromas, its quick effects will take you to a world of euphoria. You’ll recognize Amsterdam poppers by its original colorful bottles and packages, a way to add a touch of style to your evenings. 

Experienced and novice users alike appreciate the variety of products for sale by the Amsterdam brand. Whether you're relaxing with friends, having a party or enjoying a more intimate experience, Amsterdam strong poppers are perfect for every occasion. The brand's aromas are both sweet and ultra-strong, for you to enjoy. Amyl nitrite to add spices to your evenings, Propyl poppers to take with you at a party or the strong pentyl nitrite for a wild night. 24, 15, or 10ml? Pick your small or big nitrite aroma bottle and take yourself on a special adventure, get that power rush you love. 

You can find Amsterdam poppers for sale at the best price on our online store Euro Poppers UK, always in stock to meet your most ardent desires. Discover a wide range of the brand with the Amsterdam Strong poppers, the Amsterdam Black Label aroma, Amsterdam Cleaner poppers or the Amsterdam xxx Ultra Strong juice! Add some fun to your nighttime activities and enjoy its original formula.