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List of products by BB

BB is a brand that offers high-quality poppers for initiates as well as beginners. Poppers for all occasions strong and long-lasting effects.

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  • BB Poppers Amyl 10ml BB Black Label Poppers 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    BB Black Label Poppers 10ml
    Here is the mini version of the BB Poppers Black Label Poppers in a 10ml format on Euro Poppers UK. Made from Amyl nitrite, it is one of the most powerful on the market. It will be ideal for your hard erotic evenings because it will less affect erectile functions thanks to its powerful molecule. Push your limits with this ultra-strong poppers. It has a...
  • BB Pentyl Poppers 24ml Poppers BB Pentyl 24ml Intensity 3 over 5
    BB Pentyl Poppers 24ml
    Discover the new BB Pentyl poppers now! Formulated with purified and stabilised Pentyl nitrite! This strong BB poppers it is very popular for recreational evenings. There is 24ml of a powerful and disinhibiting aroma that will let you enjoy your nights to the fullest in a more entertaining and relaxing way.  Powerful and disinhibiting effects Ideal for...
  • BB Black Label Poppers 24 ml BB Poppers Amyl 24ml Intensity 4 over 5
    BB Black Label Poppers 24ml
    Discover the BB poppers brand! The Black label version of the BB poppers is a high-quality aroma. Made from Amyl nitrite, one of the most powerful molecules, it will accompany you during all your evenings, even the craziest. This is the ideal poppers for your wild nights! The sensations are warm and intoxicating, they will completely disinhibit you. Its...
  • BB Pentyl Poppers 10ml BB Pentyl 10ml Poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    BB Pentyl Poppers 10ml
    Are you a big fan of aphrodisiac aromas? Discover the BB Pentyl poppers, ideal for all your hot erotic evenings. Let its aroma disinhibit you all night thanks to its very strong Pentyl nitrite. Its 10ml mini format will allow you to carry it everywhere with you and its leak-proof cap that allows best possible storage. Leave your inhibitions in the closet...
  • BB Black Label 24ml long bottle BB Black Label Amyl 24ml Intensity 4 over 5
    BB Black Label long 24ml
    Looking for a poppers with hard, intense effects? Then BB Amyl Black Label poppers are for you! As its name suggests, it's made from purified and stabilised amyl nitrite to give you even more effects and let you feel all its power. Let go of all your inhibitions with BB Black Label poppers and express who you really are!    BB Black Label range 24ml long...

BB poppers is a renowned brand in the world of poppers, celebrated for its potent and long-lasting effects. Known for its distinctive cobalt blue packaging, the brand has become iconic within the poppers enthusiast community. BB, in particular, is highly regarded for its quality and consistency in delivering a strong and fast-acting effect.