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  • Vegan Condoms Max Perform by Fair Squared 10 Vegan Max Perform Condoms by Fair Squared
    Vegan Condoms - Fair Squared Max Perform x10
    Safety and pleasure go hand in hand with vegan condoms from the German brand Fair Squared. Their Max Perform range is made from natural organic latex, approved by the Fair Rubber association. Each condom has a reservoir as well as a reinforced ring to ensure a better fit and to prevent unintentional slipping. This Fair Squared Max Perform pack contains 10...
  • 10 Vegan Fair Squared Original condoms 10 Vegan condoms Fair Squared Original range
    Condoms - Vegan Fair Squared Original x10
    Treat yourself to organic pleasure with Fair Squared Original Vegan condoms. This box contains 10 Casein-free, Fairtrade, organic latex condoms. These condoms come lubricated and have a reservoir and a reinforced ring to ensure a better fit.        Tips on use and storage: Vegan condoms Casein-free (Casein is derived from cow's milk) Do not use if you are...
  • 10 Skyn original Condoms Skyn original Condoms
    Skyn original Condoms - Box of 10
    Skyn condoms are a range of condoms from the famous Manix brand. This pack that we are offering is composed of 10 condoms. They are made of Polyisoprene which is an ultra-resistant and ultra-fine material, you will not have the sensation of a naked penis. They have a reservoir, a smooth surface and are pre-lubricated. Tested to the strictest and highest...
  • Sensitive Dry Condoms Vegan by Fair Squared 10 Sensitive Dry Vegan Condoms  by Fair Squared
    Condoms - Vegan Fair Squared Sensitive Dry x10
    Sensitive Dry organic condoms from Fair Squared are vegan products made from fair trade organic latex. They are coated with a thin layer of non-GMO corn powder. They are unlubricated and are benzocaine and silicone-free. This box contains 10 condoms. This product is ideal for people who want to choose to have sex with or without lube.           Tips on...

Discover our range of regular condoms, offering trusted protection and enhanced comfort. Perfect for intimate moments, they ensure safety without compromising on pleasure.