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List of products by Pjur

Water and silicone-based lubricants from the Pjur brand are the perfect match for a smooth and long-lasting glide for an easy-going feel. 

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  • pjur basic silicone lube pjur basic silicone lubricant
    Pjur Basic Silicone - 100ml
    Pjur basic silicone 100 ml. Pjur Basic Silicone lubricant is a high-quality product for your nights of passion. Its silicone-based formula is ideal for smooth penetration. Perfectly lubricates intimate parts for maximum pleasure. Ideal for beginners, its gel texture ensures prolonged lubrication for uninterrupted intimacy. This lube is from the Pjur...
  • pjur power premium cream pjur power premium lube
    Pjur Power Premium - 150ml
    Pjur Power Premium 150 ml. Silicone and water-based, this lube has a creamy texture that will make your intercourse even more intense. Ideal for fisting and large-sized toys. Long-lasting lubricant for intimate pleasure. Packaged in a discreet, practical cream jar, Pjur Power is easy to handle and dose, guaranteeing easy use at all times.   Water and...
  • Pjur Anal Comfort Spray
    Anal Comfort Spray - Analyse Me - Pjur - 20ml
    A bestseller in the West! Analyze Me is a lubricant spray, created by Pjur, that facilitates anal penetration. The extensibility of the dermal and anal tissue is optimum thanks to the Analyze Me spray. Anal sex will be more comfortable and so last longer. You will discover the intense heat of your partner. Pleasure guaranteed (even for hypersensitive...
  • pjur original 100ml pjur original lube
    Pjur Original Lube - 100ml
    Pjur Original 100 ml. Pjur Original is a silicone-based lubricant that leaves your skin soft and smooth. It provides a long-lasting lubrication for an endless night of pleasure. Tasteless and odourless, it can be used for all situations to enhance your evenings: massages, masturbation, penetration… Pjur Original is compatible with condoms.     100ml...
  • Aqua Water-based Lubricant 100ml - Pjur Aqua Water-based Lubricant 100ml
    Aqua Water-based Lubricant 100ml - Pjur
    Aqua Water-based Lubricant 100ml. The German Pjur brand offers an enjoyable water-based lubricant named Aqua. You’ll love its long-lasting glide so you can only focus on pleasure. This product is ideal for sexual practices such as anal sex for a smooth penetration. This 100ml bottle will be your best ally under the sheets.   100ml bottles Water-based Pjur...
  • Back Door Comfort Water-based Lube 100ml - Pjur Back Door Comfort Water-based Lube 100ml
    Back Door Comfort Water-based Lube 100ml - Pjur
    Back Door Comfort Water-based Lube 100ml. Pjur Back Door Comfort is a premium quality lubricant that will redefine your sexual intercourse. Water-based, this product offers a long-lasting glide while respecting and hydrating soft skins. This is the ideal addition to your anal sex nights thanks to its high-quality formula contained in a 100ml bottle....
  • Basic Water-based Lubricant 100ml - Pjur Basic Water-based Lubricant 100ml
    Basic Water-based Lubricant 100ml - Pjur
    Basic Water-based Lubricant 100ml. Discover the water-based lubricant from the German brand Pjur. This high-quality lube is compatible with condoms and silicone sex toys for a worry-free experience. The Pjur water-based lubricant respects soft skins and ensures a long-lasting glide so you can enjoy the night to the fullest. Opt for endless pleasurable...

Pjur has become a leading name in the world of personal lubricants, offering a long list of premium products tailored to ensure a perfect gilde. Pjur's possesses a selection of water-based products, catering to individuals seeking a more natural and comfortable intimate sensation. An ideal bottle to use for anal sex at a reasonable price!

The silicone-based personal lubricants by Pjur are renowned for their long-lasting glide, amplifying intimate pleasure during sex. Meanwhile, their original water-based products offer a smoother experience, providing a gentle and easy-going feel. Notably, Pjur takes special care of sensitive skin, ensuring a pleasurable encounter without compromising on comfort.

For everyday use or for more adventurous personal explorations such as anal play, Pjur's long list of lubricants is formulated to enhance comfort and elevate intimate experiences. Accessing their diverse range is made even more convenient with detailed information available, ensuring that choosing the perfect lubricant becomes a hassle-free and informed decision. Embrace the reassurance of Pjur's premium lubricants and spays, designed to heighten intimate pleasure. Water or silicone, choose the lubricant that will make you glide at the best price! Long-lasting and wild anal sex night guaranteed.