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List of products by Labophyto

With Labophyto, wellness comes first. The brand offers a range of natural products to support a healthy lifestyle and enhance personal experiences. 

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  • Maxi Volum sperm sex stimulant Maxi Volum sex stimulant 60 capsules
    Maxi Volum Supplement - Capsules
    Maxi Volum 60 capsules. Maxi Volum sexual stimulant "sperm" (contains 60 aphrodisiac capsules) will be a real asset for your libido. For an optimal result, we advise you to consume 2 capsules per day.          With these aphrodisiac capsules, you will quickly see improved sexual performance (and therefore more intense orgasms), including increased semen...
  • Sperm Volume Caps XPower 60 Capsules to increase the volume of sperm
    Sperm Volume Caps - XPower - 60 Capsules
    Sperm Volume capsules from the French laboratory Labophyto are natural food supplements that increase the volume of sperm during ejaculation. Its active ingredients include: Almond: increases sperm volume Tribulus: helps increase testosterone levels Saffron: stimulates sperm motility    They intensify male orgasms and help maintain ejaculation, even after...
  • maxi anal relax gel maxi anal relax gel 60ml
    Maxi Anal Relax Gel 100ml
    Maxi Anal Relax Gel 100ml. This clove oil extract gel relaxes the anus and provides intense hydration for better penetration. Its mild anesthetic effect is compatible with condoms for comfortable and intense intimate moments. Use before intercourse.    Directions for use: Apply a thin layer of gel to the affected area and massage gently before intimate...
  • Penis Development Cream XPower 60ml Penis Development Cream XPower to use daily
    Penis Development Cream - XPower - 60ml
    Increasing the size and volume of your penis is possible with this Penis Development cream from the Labophyto's XPower range (French origin). By applying it every day, you will see your penis grow in just 2 weeks, thanks to the stimulation of blood vessels caused by its active ingredients: Aloe Vera for a vasoconstrictor action, Ginkgo Biloba to increase...
  • Anal Relax Gel by XPower Anal Relax Gel to facilitate penetration
    Anal Relax Gel - XPower - 60ml
    Anal Relax Gel by XPower. Enjoy the pleasures of sodomy with this relaxing gel for anal penetration. Suitable for beginners as well as the most experienced, the Anal Relax gel will become your best essential to reach anal orgasm. It can be applied during foreplay and during intercourse.Its active ingredients (cloves and oat leaves) will facilitate...
  • Men Size XL Stimulant Men Size XL Stimulant 60 Tablets
    Men Size XL Supplement - Capsules
    Men Size XL 60 capsules. The Men Size XL male sexual stimulant aims to improve the erection, thus boosting libido and sexual performance with your partner. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Men Size XL contains 60 stimulating capsules. Each ingredient has specific aphrodisiac properties. This aphrodisiac sexual stimulant is suitable if you have the...
  • Hard-On Gel For Strong Erection by X Power
    Erection Gel - Hard-On - XPower - 75ml
    Give power and firmness to your erections with Hard-On aphrodisiac gel. Using it during foreplay will help heighten arousal and improve sexual performance. You and your partner will experience even more pleasure!    Thanks to the following ingredients: Cayenne pepper improves blood flow to the penis Sunflower oil enhances the effects of cayenne pepper...
  • SupraMen 4 capsules SupraMen caps x4
    SupraMen - 4 Capsules
    SupraMen 4 capsules. Made of plants, SupraMen is a dietary supplement that helps with intimate well-being and sexual balance in men. Its 4 caps boost sexual desire and aim to optimize erectile function, enhance vitality, and prolong the duration of intimate relations. From the Labophyto brand, these capsules are ideal for men who seek to boost their...
  • XPower Erection Booster Gel
    XPower - Erection Booster Gel
    Erection Booster Gel. Extend your erection with Erection Booster Gel. Manufactured by Labophyto, a French laboratory specialising in sexual stimulants of all kinds, this is a quality product. Its formula is made from natural products.    Erection Booster Gel contains cayenne pepper, which improves blood circulation to stimulate the blood in your penis and...
  • Testo Man Sexual Stimulant Testo Man Sexual Stimulant 60 Capsules
    Testo Man Supplement - Capsules
    Testo Man 60 capsules. The Franch Laboratory Labophyto, specialised in sexual stimulants, presents its testosterone-boosting sexual stimulant: the well-named Testo Man. With Tribulus extracts, enriched with caffeine and vitamins B5, B6 and D, TestoMan capsules will increase your sexual performance and enhance your erection. Take Testo Man sexual...
  • Titan XXL sex stimulant Titan XXL sex stimulant 20 capsules
    Titan XXL Supplement - Capsules
    Titan XXL 20 capsules. Titan XXL sexual stimulant is a sex booster that works over a long period of time. This product has been designed for men who wish to obtain stronger erections as well as to increase their sexual desires and especially to have a pleasure that lasts to satisfy their partner as long as possible. With Titan XXL sexual stimulant, you...
  • SupraMen Sex Booster x20 SupraMen Sex Booster 20 Tablets
    SupraMen Stimulant - 20 Tablets
    SupraMen 20 capsules. SupraMen sexual booster is one of the best selling sexual enhancers. This supplement, made in France, increases sexual power and desire and delays ejaculation by maintaining an erection. Sexual vitality is restored. It is recommended to take 2 capsules of SupraMen 1 hour before intercourse. SupraMen booster is a sexual stimulant that...
  • top virgin 60ml top virgin gel
    TopVirgin 60ml
    TopVirgin 60ml. From the French Laphyto brand, TopVirgin gel is designed to tighten the vaginal walls and is ideal for women who want more powerful orgasms. Or those who experience a relaxation of the muscles of their intimacy following birth. Its special formula aims to provide a pleasant, natural sensation while giving a more fulfilling sexual...
  • Titan XXL Developing Cream
    Titan XXL - Developing Cream
    Titan Gel XXL 60ml. Titan XXL developing cream offers its user a more powerful erection thanks to its natural ingredients carefully selected by the French laboratory Labophyto, which has become the specialist in sexual well-being. The herbal extracts in Titan cream XXL improve blood flow and help expand men's sex for a more powerful erection and intense...
  • XL Power Sex Booster 20 caps XL Power Sex Booster 20 Tablets
    XL Power Stimulant - 20 tablets
    XL Power 20 capsules. XL Power sex booster improves performance and libido during sex with intensified pleasure and increased erections. The sexual stimulant XL Power is an aphrodisiac with several benefits for your sexual performance:                  It increases testosterone levels It improves erection It promotes blood circulation               It is...
  • XL Power Stimulant x10 XL Power Stimulant 10 tablets
    XL Power Stimulant - 10 tablets
    XL Power 10 capsules. Choose XL Power to improve your sexual performance. Enjoy extended pleasure through an intensified erection by increasing your libido with XL Power stimulating capsules. XL Power is a 4-in-1 aphrodisiac sexual stimulant in capsule form:                  It increases testosterone levels It improves erection It promotes blood...
  • SupraMen Stimulant x10 SupraMen Stimulant 10 tablets
    SupraMen Stimulant - 10 Tablets
    SupraMen 10 capsules. Based on natural ingredients, the SupraMen sexual stimulant has all you need! SupraMen aphrodisiac sexual stimulant is one of the best selling sexual enhancers. In fact, SupraMen reinforces sexual power and desire and delays ejaculation by extending the erection. In just one capsule, SupraMen helps to improve 4 aspects of your sex...
  • Maxi Control Stimulant Maxi Control Stimulant 60 tablets
    Maxi Control Supplement - Capsules
    Maxi Control 60 capsules. Maxi Control "Delayed Ejaculation" capsules are an excellent sexual stimulant if you experience the following issues:                Premature ejaculation Sexual intercourse too short Stress due to daily life Decreased sexual performance...             These issues are common: 20% of men are affected by prematurity in their...

Labophyto is a brand known for its range of natural and innovative products, particularly in the realm of wellness, intimacy, and self-care. Their formulations frequently incorporate botanical extracts, essential oils, and other natural components, carefully chosen for their beneficial properties. Labophyto's product line typically includes items such as supplements, intimate gels, massage oils, and other wellness products, all designed to support a healthy lifestyle and enhance personal experiences. For individuals seeking natural solutions to support their well-being or looking to enhance their intimate moments, Labophyto stands as a reliable brand, offering innovative and quality products that prioritize both efficacy and safety.