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List of products by XTRM SNFFR

Explore another way to use poppers thanks to the XTRM SNFFR caps designed to inhale your favourite flavour with ease. 

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  • Small Double Poppers sniffer Double Poppers Cap Small by SNFFR
    Poppers Cap - SNFFR Double Small
    The SNFFR double small popper cap is a screw-on cap for your favourite bottles. With two openings designed for each nostril, it revolutionizes the way we consume poppers. Manufactured with safety in mind, the SNFFR Small popper cap also enhances the strength of your aroma. Indeed, the impact is greatly increased thanks to the 2 air holes. The material is...
  • Double Poppers Sniffer Large by SNFFR Double Poppers Cap Large by SNFFR
    Poppers Cap - SNFFR Double Large
    Double opening for heightened sensations! Feel faster and even more intense effects with the SNFFR Large Poppers cap. Designed to make you will feel a double discharge with its double openings (one for each nostril). Not to mention the 2 ventilation holes which means the vapour rises more effectively. Its rigid texture facilitates its use and its soft...
  • XL Poppers Cap Large Poppers Cap XTRM
    Poppers Cap - XTRM XL
    Want immediate and powerful stimulation? You'll be happy with the XL Poppers cap from XTRM! This cap is very easy to use, it is screwed onto the bottle in place of the original cap. Do not throw away the original cap, so you can close your poppers after using the XTRM cap.Please note: this cap is only suitable for use with Everest Brutal poppers! Cap for...
  • Twin Poppers Cap Double Twin Poppers Cap by XTRM SNFFR
    Twin Poppers Cap by XTRM
    Take it to the next level with the XTRM Twin popper cap. Thanks to this unique accessory, you can enjoy the 2 aromas of your favourite poppers simultaneously. It could not be easier! Just remove the original cap from your two favourite poppers (keep the caps to the side) and screw the XTRM Twin cap onto each tip. This accessory is rigid but easy to use....
  • Poppers cap Small Fister XTRM
    Poppers cap Small Fister XTRM
    Decorate your bottle of poppers with this XTRM Red Fist cap. Adorned with a provocative fist, it also allows you to inhale your aroma through the top opening. Screw it onto the popper's bottle in place of the original cap. The effects are more intense and you avoid any risk of burns. After use, replace your fist cap with the original lid. As you can...
  • Poppers Inhaler Cap leakproof large XTRM Leakproof Inhaler Cap XTRM large
    Leakproof Inhaler Cap - XTRM double large
    XTRM Double Leakproof poppers inhaler cap, large version. This double sniffer is the perfect poppers accessory for fast and strong effects. Made by XTRM brand this poppers inhaler is leakproof! Easy and safe way to use poppers with its push button to release the vapours. No more burns, leaks or tipped-over poppers. Use it according to your desires! Only...
  • Leakproof Inhaler Cap small Leakproof Inhaler Cap XTRM
    Leakproof Inhaler Cap - XTRM double small
    The XTRM Double Leakproof poppers inhaler cap, small version. Optimizes your preferred poppers. The XTRM poppers inhaler’s design means leaks are a thing of the past! This cap is the solution to effortless and secure poppers’ sessions. Easy to use with your poppers, just screw the XTRM Double cap inhaler leakproof onto the bottle in place of the original...

The famous German brand XTRM offers a catalogue of poppers, lubricants and caps (adapters to inhale poppers) specially designed for those who prefer extreme pleasures.  

XTRM SNFFR redefines how you enjoy scents with their sleek and practical sniffing accessories. Designed for convenience and style, these products offer a discreet and classy way to indulge in aromas. Each SNFFR item ensures a tight seal, preserving your favourite scents for longer enjoyment. Whether it's for personal use or as a trendy accessory, XTRM SNFFR makes sniffing a delightful and hassle-free experience. With their focus on quality and user-friendliness, XTRM SNFFR invites everyone to appreciate scents in a whole new way.

Find their famous SNFFR at Euro Poppers UK.