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  • sex appeal CBD lubricant CBD lube 125ml
    Sex Appeal CBD Lube - 125ml
    Sex Appeal CBD Lube 125 ml. The Sex Appeal CBD lubricant is a water and cannabidiol-based intimate gel manufactured in France by the brand Hill Valley. This 125ml lubricant gel with CBD is translucent and ultra-slippery. It is non-drying and odourless. This intimate gel with CBD is not compatible with silicone sex toys, prefer glass or metal erotic toys....
  • Eros Aqua water lube 50 ml
    Water-based lube Eros Aqua 50ml
    Opt for German quality! Eros Aqua lubricant gel, water-based pocket-sized is produced in Germany. The 50ml bottle is practical to take with you anywhere and has only advantages: Eros Aqua is a non-greasy, translucent and odourless lubricating gel. Eros, a renowned lubricant brand, is a guarantee of quality! Indeed, this water-based lubricating gel is...
  • Water-based lubricant Eros...
    Water-based lubricant Eros Aqua 100ml
    Eros Aqua is a very effective water-based lubricant gel from Germany. Its smooth, non-greasy texture is transparent and odourless. It dissolves in water so cleans up easily. With Eros Aqua, take pleasure while respecting your skin and mucous membrane. Definitely a good deal!     Contains 100ml  Water-based lube
  • Eros Fisting Gel UltraX 200ml
    Fisting Gel UltraX - Eros - 200ml
    Silicone and water-based, the Eros Fisting UltraX lubricant is ultra-effective as its name suggests! The Eros Fisting UltraX lubricant formula allows easy and gentle penetration. The combination of silicone and water prevents this lubricant from drying out, allowing long-term use and perfect gliding for ever more intense pleasure. Eros Fisting UltraX...
  • J-LUBE Powder Lubricant
    J-LUBE Powder Lubricant - 284g
    J-Lube: the lubricant for experts!... We recommend this lubricant to those accustomed to strong sensations and extreme sexual practices. Used in veterinary medicine, this lubricant is ultra-powerful. Fist-fucking lovers love it. With the lubricant J-lube, you are guaranteed the best quality: J-lube is a powder that, when diluted with water, can make up to...
  • CANNABIS Lubricant 125ml
    CANNABIS Lubricant 125ml
    Water-based Cannabis lubricant: Take advantage of the virtues of cannabis oil with this intimate CANNABIS lubricating gel. Manufactured by Cobeco Pharma laboratories, its composition is water-based and contains no toxic substances. Its smooth texture is to be applied directly to your vagina or your penis. CANNABIS lubricant moisturises the skin for...
  • Eros Silk Silicone 50mL
    Silk Silicone Lube 50ml - Eros
    Lubricant Silk Silicone 50ml. Eros brand presents the Silk Silicone lubricant in a 50ml bottle. Gel-textured, this intimate lube offers the perfect glide for comfortable and enjoyable intimate moments. Compatible with condoms for long-lasting and intense sex.    50ml bottle Gel textured Eros brand
  • Nexus Slide Water based Lubricant
    Nexus Slide Water based Lubricant 150ml
    The texture of the Nexus Slide Water lubricating gel is thick so the lubricating effect lasts longer. Water-based, it does not stick, does not stain, maintains the hydration of your penis and is easy to clean once your games are over. The combined use of sex toys and condoms is absolutely safe with Nexus Slide Water lubricant. Its dark bottle equipped...
  • EasyGlide silicone-based lube Easyglide silicone lube 150ml
    EasyGlide Lube - 150ml
    EasyGlide 150ml. With its soft and light texture, EasyGlide and its 150ml bottle is the perfect lube for long-lasting pleasure. Silicone-based, its fluidity and gliding power will amaze you all night! EasyGlide intimate lubricant is the key to friction-free intimate moments, providing a sensual and comfortable experience every step of the way. Carefully...
  • Crisco Grease best fisting lube
    Crisco Grease - Fisting Lubricant - 453g
    Vegetable grease that comes straight from the USA, Crisco is famous for a good reason: it is a lubricant that is used especially for Fist-Fucking! The followers of the most extreme practices love it... Excellent fist lube due to its long-lasting gliding effect. Crisco vegetable grease is not compatible with condoms.    Contains 453g Vegetable grease Fist...
  • Water-based Lubricant Swiss Navy 118ml
    Water-based Lubricant - Swiss Navy 118ml
    Swiss Navy Water finally arrives on euro! This water-based lubricant is ideal both in texture and ergonomy. The texture of the Swiss Navy Water-based gel is velvety and soft for extreme sensations. If you want to experience exceptional private and intimate pleasures, opt for Swiss Navy Water lubricant.Its 118ml bottle is also economical and...
  • Eros Silk Silicone 100ml
    Silk Silicone Lube 100ml - Eros
    Lubricant Silk Silicone 100ml. Try out the 100ml version of the Silk Silicone Lubricant from the Eros brand! This silicone-based lube make you experience countless nights of pleasure. Mix comfort and intense sensations with its gel texture and redefine your intimate moments. Silk Silicone is the extra you need to make sure your nights end with fireworks!...
  • Anal Spray Eros Explorer Man
    Anal Spray - Eros Explorer Man 30ml
    Spray your butt hole once or twice with Eros Explorer Man Anal Spray to better discover your partner's body while rediscovering your own. This spray is suitable for both men and women. Anal Spray Explorer Man relaxes and anaesthetises your anal muscles to facilitate penetration and allow extreme glide. Pure pleasure!    This spray is hypoallergenic and...
  • K-Y Lubricant
    Lubricant - K-Y Sterile 82g
    A classic in the USA! KY Sterile is a water-based soluble lubricating gel. It does not stain, it does not irritate the skin and it does not contain any grease. It is a clear, odourless gel that cleans up easily with water. KY Sterile fulfils many desires: use it for endoscopy, cystoscopy, colonoscopy or vaginal spectrum. You can use condoms with...
  • pjur basic silicone lube pjur basic silicone lubricant
    Pjur Basic Silicone - 100ml
    Pjur basic silicone 100 ml. Pjur Basic Silicone lubricant is a high-quality product for your nights of passion. Its silicone-based formula is ideal for smooth penetration. Perfectly lubricates intimate parts for maximum pleasure. Ideal for beginners, its gel texture ensures prolonged lubrication for uninterrupted intimacy. This lube is from the Pjur...
  • Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream
    Masturbation Cream - Swiss Navy - 150ml
    The Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream is a quality masturbation cream. Specially designed for solitary pleasures, this cream, from the Swiss Navy brand (reference brand in terms of lubrication) is one of the silkiest in the range. Unlike many, the Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream does not stick during activity. On the contrary, the slide is incredible and...
  • pjur power premium cream pjur power premium lube
    Pjur Power Premium - 150ml
    Pjur Power Premium 150 ml. Silicone and water-based, this lube has a creamy texture that will make your intercourse even more intense. Ideal for fisting and large-sized toys. Long-lasting lubricant for intimate pleasure. Packaged in a discreet, practical cream jar, Pjur Power is easy to handle and dose, guaranteeing easy use at all times.   Water and...
  • Vegan Organic Water-Based Lube Eros 100ml
    Vegan Organic Water-Based Lubricant - Eros - 100ml
    Lubricant Eros Bio/Organic Vegan 100 ml: This organic lubricant is 100% natural and water-based. Eros, an international brand recognised for its quality lubricants, unveils its range of organic and vegan sexual lubricants. The Eros Bio Vegan lubricant gives effective and non-sticky mucous membrane lubrication. This sexual lubricant is colourless, with no...