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List of products by Swiss Navy

Made of silicone and water, Swiss Navy lubes are the perfect ally for anal and regular sex thanks to its amazing and long-lasting glide. 

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  • Water-based Lubricant Swiss Navy 118ml
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    Water-based Lubricant - Swiss Navy 118ml
    €11.92 20% off €14.90
    Swiss Navy Water finally arrives on euro poppers.uk! This water-based lubricant is ideal both in texture and ergonomy. The texture of the Swiss Navy Water-based gel is velvety and soft for extreme sensations. If you want to experience exceptional private and intimate pleasures, opt for Swiss Navy Water lubricant.Its 118ml bottle is also economical and...
  • Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream
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    Masturbation Cream - Swiss Navy - 150ml
    €18.32 20% off €22.90
    The Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream is a quality masturbation cream. Specially designed for solitary pleasures, this cream, from the Swiss Navy brand (reference brand in terms of lubrication) is one of the silkiest in the range. Unlike many, the Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream does not stick during activity. On the contrary, the slide is incredible and...
  • Warming lube water-based Swiss Navy
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    Warming lubricant - Water-based Swiss Navy 118ml
    €12.72 20% off €15.90
    Activate your excitement with the warming power of this lubricant: Swiss Navy Warming. Water-based, Swiss Navy Warming provides intense heat from the first contact with your skin and multiplies in contact with the flesh of your partner. Its extreme glide will heighten your desire.     Warming lube Contains 118ml Water-based lubricant
  • Swiss Navy Premium Anal lubricant
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    Anal lube - Swiss Navy Premium 118ml
    €25.52 20% off €31.90
    Swiss Navy Premium Anal lubricating gel: this Silicone-based lubricating gel comes straight from the USA. High-quality, Swiss Navy Premium Anal Lubricant Gel is made with medical lubricant and is compatible with the use of condoms. A lubricant specially designed for anal penetration. An ultra-effective lubricating gel that combines performance with...
  • Passion Fruit water-based flavoured lube
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    Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube - Passion Fruit - Swiss Navy
    €12.72 20% off €15.90
    Flavoured & Edible Lube Swiss Navy. If you are a fruit fan, you will be delighted by the passion fruit flavoured water-based lubricant. This type of lubricant is suitable for all sexual practices and is safe for the skin. It will improve natural lubrication, especially in the case of vaginal dryness. Its gel texture is soft and non-sticky. This...
  • Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube Strawberry & Kiwi
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    Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube - Strawberry & Kiwi - Swiss Navy
    €11.12 20% off €13.90
    Spice up your lovemaking with this water-based flavoured lubricant! It is a 100% gourmet lubricant because it is also edible. The kiwi and strawberry flavour, with its fruity taste, will appeal to fruit lovers. Its pressure cap is very practical and prevents possible leaks. This water-based edible lube is compatible with sex toys and condoms. Suitable for...

If you wish to find the perfect glide for your intimate nights to come, you've come to the right place! Discover the Swiss Navy original lubricants made of silicone and water. Ideal for anal sex and toys, as well as regular sex. Make the best of your night with these items at an affordable price!  

Swiss Navy, a renowned name in personal lubricants, offers a premium range of silicone and water-based products at a competitive price. Each Swiss Navy lubricant is formulated to give you a special sex experience. Whether you wish to explore the sensuality of silicone-based lubes or the versatility of water-based options, Swiss Navy's lineup caters to diverse intimate moments. Their extensive list of personal lubricants ensures a satisfying experience during sex or anal play, providing comfort and pleasure

With Swiss Navy, you're assured of high-quality formulations that prioritize both efficacy and safety. Their original silicone-based lubes offer long-lasting glide, perfect for prolonged sex sessions, while their water-based counterparts is compatible with various toys and easy to cleanup. Swiss Navy flavored lubricants provide offer a natural feel. 

Swiss Navy's products don't come with a hefty price tag either; their original products offer premium quality at reasonable prices, with a long list of options from affordable to luxurious, ensuring accessibility. Explore the Swiss Navy collection, view, compare, and add these trusted lubricants to your intimate moments, discovering heightened sensations and comfort at a price that suits you. Make your choice thanks to the detailed product information to make the best of your night.