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List of products by Triple B

Try out the three poppers from the Triple B brand to experience three times more intense moments. Solo or with others, great for every occasion. 

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  • Bad Poppers 24ml Bad 24ml discreet parcel Intensity 5 over 5
    Bad 24ml
    Bad 24ml. The strongest of the range! Bad, as its name suggests, with its stimulating power will take you to another world! Perfect for thrill seekers, Bad is a highly concentrated Amyl nitrite poppers. The high is immediate and the sensations of relaxation and excitement take very little time to be felt. After 2 to 5 inhalations you will be ready to ride...
  • Bare Poppers 24ml Intensity 4 over 5
    Bare 24ml
    Bare 24 ml. Ready to strip down? Bare is the poppers made for getting you naked! All fantasies are allowed with this new and original vasodilator. Breathe the Propyl nitrite formula for optimum sex sessions and sexual creativity. Your muscles will immediately relax after the hot flush effect of the poppers has covered your body. Bare is ideal for allowing...
  • Boy Poppers 24ml Intensity 3 over 5
    Boy 24ml
    Boy 24ml. Exclusive! Try the smooth poppers Boy aroma. Boy's Pentyl nitrite-based formula has many qualities. The relaxing effect is instantaneous. Start with two sniffs and feel your muscles relax. A laughing fit will follow and then comes the sexual arousal. Boy comes with the qualities of Pentyl nitrite: it evaporates very slowly so longer...

The Triple B brand offers a three-pack to experience different sensations. Bare Bad Boy: Amyl, propyl or pentyl nitrite, take your pick to live an intense experience, whether it is for a party or a wild intimate moment. A poppers for every occasion to experience solo or with others for magical and long-lasting sensations