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  • Meta Pentyl Poppers 10ml Meta Pentyl 10ml Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Pentyl 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Meta Pentyl 10ml Poppers. Discover the powerful and exclusive Meta Pentyl poppers, available only from Euro Poppers UK! Designed for lovers of intense sensory experiences, this poppers will transport you to a world of unparalleled euphoria and pleasure. Each bottle of Meta Pentyl contains 10ml of stabilised pentyl nitrite, guaranteeing a powerful,...
  • Everest Black Label 24ml Poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Everest Black Label 24ml
    €7.52 20% off €9.40
    Everest Black Label 24ml. This extra-strong vasodilator offers the strength of Pentyl nitrite for steamy sex sessions. It will instantly soothe you and prolong your orgasms. From the famous French brand Everest Aromas, the power contained in this 24ml bottle will bring your night to a different level, with high sensations guaranteed! Notice to poppers...
  • Iron Fist Black Label 10ml Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    • New
    Iron Fist Black Label 10ml
    €7.12 20% off €8.90
    Iron Fist Black Label 10ml. Iron Fist Black Label Poppers, the ultimate choice for those seeking a bold and intense experience is now available in a 10ml bottle. This pentyl formula delivers a potent rush that will leave you feeling empowered and confident. Unleash your inner strength and embrace the power of Iron Fist Black Label as you embark on a...
  • Iron Fist Ultra Strong 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    • New
    Iron Fist Ultra Strong 10ml
    €7.12 20% off €8.90
    Iron Fist Ultra Strong 10ml. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled adventure with Iron Fist Ultra Strong Poppers and its 10ml version. Made for those who crave intensity, this ultra-strong Npentyl formula delivers a surge of exhilaration that will leave you breathless. Embrace the power of Iron Fist Ultra Strong and elevate your experiences to new heights....
  • Iron Fist Black Label poppers Iron Fist Black Label 24ml Pentyl Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Iron Fist Black Label 24ml
    €8.72 20% off €10.90
    The Iron Fist 24ml is back but in a Black Label version for even stronger effects. Made with Pentyl juice this time, it will boost your libido and all your senses after each inhalation. You can't go wrong, you will recognise it with by its aluminum packaging, this makes it an unbreakable poppers! Be ready to give and take all night long with Iron Fist...
  • Juic'd Cosmic Power 24ml Juic'd Cosmic Power poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Juic'd Cosmic Power 24ml
    €8.72 20% off €10.90
    Juic'd Cosmic Power Poppers 24ml. A great Cosmic Power version from the famous Juic'd Poppers brand! This Cosmic Poppers offers an explosive combination with aphrodisiac and euphoric effects, thanks to pentyl nitrite and powerful n-amyl. Now all you have to do is try it out and discover its cosmic world!     Juic'd Cosmic Power poppers 24ml of pentyl...
  • Iron fist ultra strong poppers Iron fist ultra strong Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Iron Fist Ultra Strong
    €8.72 20% off €10.90
    Iron Fist Ultra Strong poppers 24 ml. Order the most powerful poppers of them all, buy the Iron Fist ultra strong intense nitrite at the best price. Its 24ml aluminum bottle contains NPentyl nitrite for maximum aphrodisiac effects and will add some spice to your intimate moments. It's the most powerful aroma on the market!   Discover a super experience...
  • Original Black Label Poppers 30ml Original Black Label Poppers pentyl 30ml Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Original Black Label Poppers 30ml
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    Original Black Label Poppers 30ml. Get ready to be electrified by the effects of the Original Black Label Poppers! Its powerful pentyl formula is designed for adventure-seekers. Be bold and bring your nights to the next level, whether you're heading to a party or to join your partner under the sheets for extra fun. Original Pentyl will boost your...
  • Le Jus Cosmic Power 24ml Le Jus Cosmic Power Poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Le Jus Cosmic Power 24ml
    €8.72 20% off €10.90
    Looking to get your head in the stars at your most festive or wildest parties? Discover the Cosmic Power poppers from Le jus. Made from stabilised pentyl nitrite, it will relax all your muscles and give you a feeling of well-being and relaxation. The 24 ml bottle comes with a safety cap, making it practical when you're on the move. Get carried away with...
  • Everest Original 10ml poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Everest Original 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Everest Original 10ml. A small but strong Propyl nitrite based Poppers. The Original Everest is already very popular and much appreciated in the Poppers world.     Made in France Pentyl Nitrite 10ml Bottle
  • Rush Cosmic Power 24ml Rush Cosmic Power poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Rush Cosmic Power 24ml
    €8.72 20% off €10.90
    Rush Poppers Cosmic Power 24ml. Rush, the historical and legendary brand of poppers is finally available in the Cosmic Power version at Euro Poppers UK! If you are a Rush fan, you will not be disappointed with this long-lasting and powerful juice. Because Rush Cosmic Power Poppers is made of pentyl nitrite and n-amyl, a strong cosmic mixture!    Powerful...
  • Meta Pentyl poppers Meta Pentyl 24ml Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Pentyl 24ml
    €9.52 20% off €11.90
    Meta Pentyl poppers 24 ml. Meta Pentyl aroma and its 24ml will become your favorite companion for intense erotic nights. Its powerful vasodilatory effects relax the muscles for an incredible and hot moment. Pentyl nitrite-based, this poppers will take you to a world of endless pleasure. Enjoy its colorful bottle from the Meta brand and take it anywhere...
  • Le Jus Ultra Pentyl Poppers 10ml Le Jus Poppers Ultra Pentyle 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Le Jus Ultra Pentyl 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    The new brand Le Jus brings you Ultra Pentyl Poppers. This poppers is available in a 10ml bottle. This poppers is made from pentyl but also from a new nitrite, pentanol! It stands out thanks to its slightly sweet smell and its ultra-potent effects. Treat yourself to this new ultra-strong Poppers great for all your parties and sexual antics. The little...
  • BB Pentyl Poppers 24ml Poppers BB Pentyl 24ml Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    BB Pentyl Poppers 24ml
    €7.52 20% off €9.40
    Discover the new BB Pentyl poppers now! Formulated with purified and stabilised Pentyl nitrite! This strong BB poppers it is very popular for recreational evenings. There is 24ml of a powerful and disinhibiting aroma that will let you enjoy your nights to the fullest in a more entertaining and relaxing way.  Powerful and disinhibiting effects Ideal for...
  • Amsterdam XXX Cosmic Power 24ml Amsterdam XXX Cosmic Power poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Amsterdam XXX Cosmic Power 24ml
    €8.72 20% off €10.90
    Amsterdam XXX Cosmic Power Poppers 24ml. Want to have some more fun? All the way to the cosmos? You can with the historic Amsterdam Poppers in the Cosmic Power version. This poppers, well known among enthusiasts, is made here from pentyl nitrite and n-amyl.    Pentyl & n-amyl poppers 24ml Amsterdam Cosmic Power
  • Cosmic Power Poppers Pack Rush Poppers Cosmic Power pack Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Cosmic Power Poppers Pack
    €34.32 20% off €42.90
    Cosmic Power Poppers Pack. Embark on a cosmic adventure with this 4-pack from four different brands. Start with Rush Cosmic Power, a daring sensory experience that takes your intimate moments to new heights. Designed for those seeking intense and unique sensations, this premium poppers promises an unforgettable cosmic adventure. Continue your journey with...
  • Original Black Label Poppers 10ml Poppers 10ml Original Black Label Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    • New
    Original Black Label Poppers 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Original Black Label Poppers 10ml. Small yet powerful, this 10ml pentyl bottle is the ideal companion and will reveal its potential within seconds! Take it to your festive moments to enhance the mood and set your free you from any complex. Live your nights out to the fullest!  Explore intimacy like never before with the vasodilatory effects provided by...
  • Le Jus Ultra Pentyl Poppers 24ml Le Jus Pentyl Poppers 24ml Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Le Jus Ultra Pentyl 24ml
    €7.52 20% off €9.40
    The new brand Le Jus offers you its Ultra Pentyl Poppers XL containing 24ml. This poppers has a new formula: Pentanol is Combinined with Pentyl, it has a slight sweet smell that will surprise you. Its effects are ultra strong and will give you a feeling of total relaxation. Its hermetic cap allows you to better preserve the product.      Composition: 24ml...

Pentyl Nitrite

Pentyl Nitrite Poppers available on Euro Poppers UK


Are you looking for the best stimulant to spice up your sex life? Poppers made from pentyl nitrite will suit you perfectly if you want to add ultra power to your intimate moments. These bottles pack a punch like no other!

Pentyl nitrite poppers are worldwide bestsellers since it is the poppers that suit the most people. Particularly sought after for the sexual booster effects, Pentyl nitrite poppers have strong potential and many benefits in a small bottle. 

Poppers can be made with different nitrites. This is why all poppers do not have the same quick effects. They are all from the Alkyl nitrite family. Pentyl nitrite, like Propyl aromas or Amyl nitrite, has therefore been synthesised from alkyl nitrite.

So what are the effects of pentyl nitrite poppers and how are the quick effects different from amyl aromas or propyl nitrite poppers? If you are new to poppers' world, don't panic, on we can answer all of these questions!


The ultra-strong Poppers

Otherwise called the “strong poppers” because Pentyl nitrite poppers are counted among the best poppers in the world thanks to their strong original character. If you are already familiar with poppers made with Amyl nitrite then you will appreciate Pentyl nitrite poppers even more. They provide all the positive effects of Amyl aromas but with less inconvenience. Pentyl Nitrite Poppers are more potent and have a more pleasant aroma than Amyl Nitrite Compound Poppers or Propyl Nitrite Poppers. Get ready for that power rush you love!


The effects of Poppers with Pentyl Nitrite 

Not only does this juice provide the best aphrodisiac sensations but it also evaporates more slowly. It keeps for longer because it is less volatile than other poppers (propyl nitrite poppers for example). Their aroma is not as strong. It awakens sexual desire and frees you from any inhibitions to allow you to fulfil all of your sexual urges. Thanks to their aphrodisiac quick effects, you will no longer be afraid to listen to your sexual fantasies (fist fucking, bdsm...). The pentyl nitrite poppers give sensations of intense pleasure. The effects are immediate and persist over time. Pentyl nitrite poppers, thanks to their powerful quick effects, stimulate your sexual relations to such an extent that your orgasms are prolonged for increased pleasure. Awaken the beast inside you!


Poppers based on a mix of Pentyl and Propyl Nitrites

There are various mixtures of nitrites all with different intensities to lessen or amplify the effects.

Pentyl nitrite juice combines very well with Propyl nitrite. This original mix multiplies the quick effects, whether it be your erection or muscle dilation.

A mix of Pentyl and Amyl nitrites stimulates the desire to achieve unprecedented sexual performance. Freed of all your inhibitions, you will give in to your sexual urges to satisfy your original fantasies. Add ultra power to your intimate moments and use Amsterdam XXX Poppers Cosmic Power to experience pleasure like never before. 


Pentyl Nitrite Poppers often contain a Mega Pellet

Pentyl nitrite poppers in stock usually contain a Mega Pellet, a big protective ball, inside the bottle. Why protective? Because the mega pellet helps eliminate any moisture inside the juice bottle. Whilst the mega pellet remains in the bottle the strength of the poppers is preserved.


Pentyl Nitrite Poppers in stock at Euro Poppers UK

Amsterdam Black Label, Everest Original, Everest Black Label, Iron Fist Black Label… and many other pentyl nitrite poppers available in stock. Their vasodilatory effects will amaze you! Try new positions, fist fucking.. Add them to your basket for more fun! New to poppers scene? Read our product reviews to pick the best bottle that is a good match for you. 

From Amsterdam to Everest Aromas, Juic'd and Rush Poppers, we offer a wide range of high-quality aromas in stock. 

Uses and methods of consumption

Used for recreational and more generally sexual use, there are different ways of consuming poppers.

First, you can let the poppers diffuse into the room using a diffuser or simply leave the bottle open so the aroma of the poppers fills the space. Sexual arousal is immediate and your sexual urges are set free. You'll love the rush of euphoria. 

You can also inhale it through your nose with an inhaler. For this, you insert a cotton ball in the poppers bottle so that it soaks up pentyl nitrite poppers and then you put it in the inhaler tank. Thanks to the openings on the top of the inhaler your consumption will be carried out in complete safety. No risk of spills or burns.

You'll enjoy the same aphrodisiac quick effects whichever way you prefer to use it!


Is Pentyl Nitrite Poppers legal in the UK?

The use and sale of poppers have been authorised in Europe since the decree of the Council of State in June 2013. Poppers are not classed as a drug from a scientific and legal point of view, it is a medication, a vasodilator. A vasodilator dilates the blood vessels but does not go to the brain. There is therefore no physical and psychological dependence. Only the use and sale of Butyl nitrite poppers is prohibited in the UK.


Health risks

Due to health risks, we strongly advise that you NOT combine poppers with any other sexual enhancers such as Viagra or Cialis.

If the product comes into contact with your eyes, contact a doctor immediately to assess the risks to your health.

DO NOT drink the poppers. Keep the poppers out of the reach of children. Poppers are flammable.


Let's recap together, Pentyl nitrite poppers:


  • a powerful sexual stimulant
  • evaporates less quickly
  • better preservation of the product
  • arouses sex desire
  • frees from all inhibitions
  • stimulates sexual urges
  • a less strong aroma
  • almost immediate and persistent effects
  • explosive mix with Propyl nitrite
  • often contains a mega pellet (protective ball)
  • recreational and especially sexual use
  • legal in Europe and the UK
  • Non-addictive
  • do not associate with sexual stimulants
  • do not drink


Delivery by Euro Poppers UK

Order your pentyl nitrite poppers at the best price, by unit or pack, now on our website Amsterdam, Juic'd, Rush Poppers, or Everest Aromas, we have a wide range of pentyl, but also propyl and amyl aromas.  Delivery worldwide and in 2 to 4 days at home in the UK and in Europe. For any order placed before 2 p.m., we will spoil you and send it to you on the same day. Add your favourite aromas at low price to your basket! Our packages are discreet and packaged with care by our logistics team to retain all the strength of their aroma after delivery. 100% secure payment. Don't hesitate and order now at euro poppers uk! There is something for all tastes. For more information see our delivery section.