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  • Eros Aqua water lube 50 ml
    • 20% off
    Water-based lube Eros Aqua 50ml
    €3.92 20% off €4.90
    Opt for German quality! Eros Aqua lubricant gel, water-based pocket-sized is produced in Germany. The 50ml bottle is practical to take with you anywhere and has only advantages: Eros Aqua is a non-greasy, translucent and odourless lubricating gel. Eros, a renowned lubricant brand, is a guarantee of quality! Indeed, this water-based lubricating gel is...
  • sex appeal CBD lubricant CBD lube 125ml
    • 20% off
    Sex Appeal CBD Lube - 125ml
    €15.92 20% off €19.90
    Sex Appeal CBD Lube 125 ml. The Sex Appeal CBD lubricant is a water and cannabidiol-based intimate gel manufactured in France by the brand Hill Valley. This 125ml lubricant gel with CBD is translucent and ultra-slippery. It is non-drying and odourless. This intimate gel with CBD is not compatible with silicone sex toys, prefer glass or metal erotic toys....
  • Water-based lubricant Eros...
    • 20% off
    Water-based lubricant Eros Aqua 100ml
    €7.12 20% off €8.90
    Eros Aqua is a very effective water-based lubricant gel from Germany. Its smooth, non-greasy texture is transparent and odourless. It dissolves in water so cleans up easily. With Eros Aqua, take pleasure while respecting your skin and mucous membrane. Definitely a good deal!     Contains 100ml  Water-based lube
  • K-Y Lubricant
    • 20% off
    Lubricant - K-Y Sterile 82g
    €10.32 20% off €12.90
    A classic in the USA! KY Sterile is a water-based soluble lubricating gel. It does not stain, it does not irritate the skin and it does not contain any grease. It is a clear, odourless gel that cleans up easily with water. KY Sterile fulfils many desires: use it for endoscopy, cystoscopy, colonoscopy or vaginal spectrum. You can use condoms with...
  • CANNABIS Lubricant 125ml
    • 20% off
    CANNABIS Lubricant 125ml
    €12.72 20% off €15.90
    Water-based Cannabis lubricant: Take advantage of the virtues of cannabis oil with this intimate CANNABIS lubricating gel. Manufactured by Cobeco Pharma laboratories, its composition is water-based and contains no toxic substances. Its smooth texture is to be applied directly to your vagina or your penis. CANNABIS lubricant moisturises the skin for...
  • Basic Water-based Lubricant 100ml - Pjur Basic Water-based Lubricant 100ml
    • 20% off
    • New
    Basic Water-based Lubricant 100ml - Pjur
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    Basic Water-based Lubricant 100ml. Discover the water-based lubricant from the German brand Pjur. This high-quality lube is compatible with condoms and silicone sex toys for a worry-free experience. The Pjur water-based lubricant respects soft skins and ensures a long-lasting glide so you can enjoy the night to the fullest. Opt for endless pleasurable...
  • Aqua Water-based Lubricant 100ml - Pjur Aqua Water-based Lubricant 100ml
    • 20% off
    • New
    Aqua Water-based Lubricant 100ml - Pjur
    €10.32 20% off €12.90
    Aqua Water-based Lubricant 100ml. The German Pjur brand offers an enjoyable water-based lubricant named Aqua. You’ll love its long-lasting glide so you can only focus on pleasure. This product is ideal for sexual practices such as anal sex for a smooth penetration. This 100ml bottle will be your best ally under the sheets.   100ml bottles Water-based Pjur...
  • Vegan Organic Water-Based Lube Eros 100ml
    • 20% off
    Vegan Organic Water-Based Lubricant - Eros - 100ml
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    Lubricant Eros Bio/Organic Vegan 100 ml: This organic lubricant is 100% natural and water-based. Eros, an international brand recognised for its quality lubricants, unveils its range of organic and vegan sexual lubricants. The Eros Bio Vegan lubricant gives effective and non-sticky mucous membrane lubrication. This sexual lubricant is colourless, with no...
  • Water-based Lubricant Swiss Navy 118ml
    • 20% off
    Water-based Lubricant - Swiss Navy 118ml
    €11.92 20% off €14.90
    Swiss Navy Water finally arrives on euro! This water-based lubricant is ideal both in texture and ergonomy. The texture of the Swiss Navy Water-based gel is velvety and soft for extreme sensations. If you want to experience exceptional private and intimate pleasures, opt for Swiss Navy Water lubricant.Its 118ml bottle is also economical and...
  • Vegan Organic Water-Based Lube Eros 250ml
    • 20% off
    Vegan Organic Water-Based Lubricant - Eros - 250ml
    €15.92 20% off €19.90
    Eros Bio/Organic Vegan 250ml: The famous brand of sexual lubricants Eros now offers its organic range. Eros Bio/Organic Vegan is an ultra slippery sexual lube with extreme lubricating power for anal or vaginal use. 100% natural, it is a water-based lubricant compatible with the use of condoms. Eros Bio/Organic Vegan is the new generation lubricant that...
  • Back Door Comfort Water-based Lube 100ml - Pjur Back Door Comfort Water-based Lube 100ml
    • 20% off
    • New
    Back Door Comfort Water-based Lube 100ml - Pjur
    €15.12 20% off €18.90
    Back Door Comfort Water-based Lube 100ml. Pjur Back Door Comfort is a premium quality lubricant that will redefine your sexual intercourse. Water-based, this product offers a long-lasting glide while respecting and hydrating soft skins. This is the ideal addition to your anal sex nights thanks to its high-quality formula contained in a 100ml bottle....
  • Nexus Slide Water based Lubricant
    • 20% off
    Nexus Slide Water based Lubricant 150ml
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    The texture of the Nexus Slide Water lubricating gel is thick so the lubricating effect lasts longer. Water-based, it does not stick, does not stain, maintains the hydration of your penis and is easy to clean once your games are over. The combined use of sex toys and condoms is absolutely safe with Nexus Slide Water lubricant. Its dark bottle equipped...
  • Warming lube water-based Swiss Navy
    • 20% off
    Warming lubricant - Water-based Swiss Navy 118ml
    €12.72 20% off €15.90
    Activate your excitement with the warming power of this lubricant: Swiss Navy Warming. Water-based, Swiss Navy Warming provides intense heat from the first contact with your skin and multiplies in contact with the flesh of your partner. Its extreme glide will heighten your desire.     Warming lube Contains 118ml Water-based lubricant
  • Passion Fruit water-based flavoured lube
    • 20% off
    Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube - Passion Fruit - Swiss Navy
    €12.72 20% off €15.90
    Flavoured & Edible Lube Swiss Navy. If you are a fruit fan, you will be delighted by the passion fruit flavoured water-based lubricant. This type of lubricant is suitable for all sexual practices and is safe for the skin. It will improve natural lubrication, especially in the case of vaginal dryness. Its gel texture is soft and non-sticky. This...
  • Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube Strawberry & Kiwi
    • 20% off
    Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube - Strawberry & Kiwi - Swiss Navy
    €11.12 20% off €13.90
    Spice up your lovemaking with this water-based flavoured lubricant! It is a 100% gourmet lubricant because it is also edible. The kiwi and strawberry flavour, with its fruity taste, will appeal to fruit lovers. Its pressure cap is very practical and prevents possible leaks. This water-based edible lube is compatible with sex toys and condoms. Suitable for...

Water Based Lube

Buy Water Based Lube

Water-based lubricant are one widely used type of sex gel and help for good sexual intercourse (anal or vaginal). What is a water-based lube like? Why use it? How to use it?

Discover our range of the best water-based lube at the best price that will bring your sexual intercourse to a new level of pleasure. For men, women, and toys.  

What is a water-based lube?

A water-based lubricant is a personal product responsible for moistening the mucous membranes of the body like the vagina or anus to facilitate penetration by a penis or sex toys. The use of this type of personal gel may help with vaginal and anal dryness. This type of lube offers your skin the comfort it deserves. 

This type of intimate gel is called "water-based" as opposed to silicone-based and oil-based lube. They're designed to give the most natural feel. 


What are the other types of good lubricants?

Among the best lubricants, you can find several good intimate gels at a good price with various ingredients for your sexual practices like:

• Silicone-based lube: this type of lubricant is based on the presence of silicone among the product ingredients. In the form of gel, cream, or grease, silicone-based lubricants are resistant and feel natural on sensitive skin. Some condoms are also sometimes already covered in this type of silicone lubricant. It offers both comfort and safety. 

• Water-based lubricant: in gel or fluid form, this type of personal lubricant generally contains more than 80% water as well as certain moisturising components; you'll love its super glide. 

• Oil-based lubricant: there are also grease lubricants that will be formulated on an oil basis to provide a more effective lubricating property. This type of personal lubricant is not compatible with wearing male condoms (latex);

• Natural aloe vera-based lube (or hyaluronic acid lubricant): moisturising and soothing intimate gel;

• Powdered lubricant: homemade lubricant which, once mixed with water, turns into a gel, smooth for the sensitive skin. 


Why use a water-based intimate lubricant?

Using a lubricant during your personal moments does not only help when you or your partner suffer from intimate dryness (anal or vaginal). If the use of an intimate lubricant helps your sexual satisfaction such a product can also be used to spice up your sex life with others and even solo!

Here are some benefits of using a good water-based lube for your sexual activities:

• It is suitable for the most sensitive skin and mucous membranes;

• An intimate gel will help limit friction on condoms, thus reducing the risk of it breaking;

• It does not stain, does not stick and is very easy to clean.

Note: being not very resistant, this type of lubricant is less recommended for anal sex as well as for people with a so-called "hard sexuality (double anal an vaginal penetration, fist fucking, etc.).


How to use a water-based lubricant for sex?

A water-based lubricant is very easy to use. You just need to take a little product and apply it on the penis or the sex toy or directly at the entrance of the vagina or anus.

Unlike silicone-based lube, water-based lube can dry out quickly. So, do not hesitate to reapply the lubricant frequently during your intimate moments to improve the comfort of penetration during sex if necessary. Keep the gel handy!

The use of a water-based personal gel is generally compatible with the use of condoms, sex toys, or oral sex. Nevertheless, to be certain of this compatibility, refer to the manufacturer's information mentioned on the product sheets.

Although water-based lube is milder, you or your partner may not like it. In the case of skin burning or tingling sensation, stop using the product and do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Note: Due to its formulation, you will not be able to use a water-based lubricant in the shower or in water.


What are the best intimate lubricants for sex?

Water-based lubricants occupy a large share of the personal gel market. You have the choice among a variety of products for men and women at the best price. Find the best products for sale online.  At Euro Poppers UK offers more than ten references of water-based lubricants from €3.90. You'll love our collection! Fragrance, colours, organic, vegan, natural, silicone… You can choose from the best brands to find the gel you like at the best price and receive it in less than 3 days in a discreet package. Our customers are largely satisfied with our products, now it’s your turn to focus on your pleasure!