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List of products by Meta Poppers

Alone or with others, the Meta Poppers brand suits all occasions thanks to its poppers range designed to increase sensations. 

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  • Meta amyl poppers Meta amyl 10ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Amyl 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Meta Amyl Poppers 10ml. Welcome to the world of euphoria and intense pleasure with the exclusive Meta Amyl poppers, available only from Euro Poppers UK! Designed for thrill-seekers, this popper will take you to new heights.   Meta Amyl aroma contains 10ml of stabilised isoamyl nitrite. Its practical format is perfect for taking to all your parties and...
  • Meta Pentyl Poppers 10ml Meta Pentyl 10ml Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Pentyl 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Meta Pentyl 10ml Poppers. Discover the powerful and exclusive Meta Pentyl poppers, available only from Euro Poppers UK! Designed for lovers of intense sensory experiences, this poppers will transport you to a world of unparalleled euphoria and pleasure. Each bottle of Meta Pentyl contains 10ml of stabilised pentyl nitrite, guaranteeing a powerful,...
  • Meta Propyl 10ml Meta Propyl Poppers Intensity 2 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Propyl 10ml
    €5.92 20% off €7.40
    Meta Propyl poppers is the perfect choice for those looking for an intense, exciting experience. Designed to deliver moments packed with euphoria and pleasure, this poppers has become a firm favourite with lovers of pleasure and relaxation. Offering a concentration of 10ml, Meta Propyl provides a unique combination of stabilised isopropyl guaranteeing an...
  • Meta amyl poppers Meta amyl 24ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Amyl 24ml
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    Meta Amyl poppers 24 ml. Embrace the euphoric and intense effects of the Meta Amyl and its 24ml bottle for long-lasting sensations. From the well-known brand Meta and its colorful bottles. This Secret Gotha Formula comes with a nicely designed cardboard box. Solo, or with others, make the best of your night and make all your desires come true. Also...
  • Meta Trio poppers 10ml Meta amyl poppers trio
    Meta Trio 10ml
    Meta Trio poppers 10ml. Experience three intense aromas in one pack! Amyl, pentyl, and propyl nitrite-based, these three poppers will become your best companions for all your gatherings! Whether it is to add some fun to your parties or spice things up under the sheets, enjoy the Meta Trio's effects. Also available by unit: Amyl, propyl, and pentyl...
  • Meta Pentyl poppers Meta Pentyl 24ml Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Pentyl 24ml
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    Meta Pentyl poppers 24 ml. Meta Pentyl aroma and its 24ml will become your favorite companion for intense erotic nights. Its powerful vasodilatory effects relax the muscles for an incredible and hot moment. Pentyl nitrite-based, this poppers will take you to a world of endless pleasure. Enjoy its colorful bottle from the Meta brand and take it anywhere...
  • Meta Amyl poppers 3-pack Meta Amyl poppers x3 Intensity 4 over 5
    • -€1.14
    Meta Amyl 3-pack
    €17.76 -€1.14 €18.90
    Meta Amyl 3-pack. Immerse yourself in instant thrills with Meta Amyl Poppers. Elevate your experiences and embark on a journey to euphoria. Dive into fleeting moments of relaxation and heightened sensations with this premium amyl nitrite formula from the Meta poppers brand. Its powerful vasodilatory effects will ensure you a full night of pleasure....
  • Meta Pentyl poppers 3-pack Meta Pentyl poppers x3 Intensity 3 over 5
    Meta Pentyl 3-pack
    Meta Pentyl 3-pack. Experience instant euphoria with Meta Pentyl Poppers. Elevate your senses and embark on a thrilling adventure. Dive into rapid relaxation and heightened experiences with this high-quality pentyl nitrite formula. Prioritise enjoyment and indulge in your moments of bliss. Its quick effects will change your evenings for the better! Slip...
  • Meta Propyl poppers 3-pack Meta Propyl poppers x3 Intensity 2 over 5
    Meta Propyl 3-pack
    Meta Propyl 3-pack. Indulge in the world of Meta Propyl Poppers, designed to elevate relaxation and induce instant euphoria. For recreational use, this propyl nitrite-based poppers offer a unique experience. Its effects are released gradually to enjoy this aroma gently. Perfect for beginners who seek a chill night out. This pack from the colourful Meta...
  • Meta propyl poppers Meta propyl 24ml Intensity 2 over 5
    • 20% off
    Meta Propyl 24ml
    €7.92 20% off €9.90
    Meta Propyl poppers 24 ml. Sweet but powerful, this propyl nitrite-based aroma from the famous Meta brand is about to become your best ally to set the party alight. Perfectly suited for beginners, let its euphoric effects do their magic. Use it also for your intimate moments thanks to the vasodilatory virtues to make the most of your night. Available with...
  • meta trio poppers meta pentyl trio
    Meta Trio 24ml
    Meta Trio poppers 24 ml. Experience the virtues of three different nitrites in one order! Our Meta Trio poppers pack will open the gates to an exciting and intense sensory adventure. So get on board and embrace the three aromas from the colorful and inspiring Meta brand! Amyl, propyl, and pentyl based, try out all of them according to your mood or...
  • Meta Amyl poppers 5-pack Meta Amyl poppers x5 Intensity 4 over 5
    Meta Amyl 5-pack
    Meta Amyl 5-pack.Turn up the heat with Meta Amyl Poppers 5-pack with Meta Amyl 10ml 5-pack and its "Secret Gotha" formula from the famous Meta brand. This amyl based juice promises an electrifying experience, heightening your senses and delivering an immediate wave of relaxation and exhilaration. Whether for intimate moments or lively gatherings, this...
  • Meta Pentyl poppers 5-pack Meta Pentyl poppers x5 Intensity 3 over 5
    Meta Pentyl 5-pack
    Meta Pentyl 5-pack. Ignite your experiences with Meta Pentyl Poppers, the passport to an extraordinary journey. Immerse yourself in moments of pure bliss and relaxation thanks to its powerful vasodilatory effects and rush of euphoria. These 5 bottles contain 10ml of pentyl nitrite for intense highs and electrifying pleasure, characteristics of the Meta...
  • Meta Propyl poppers 5-pack Meta Propyl poppers x5 Intensity 2 over 5
    Meta Propyl 5-pack
    Meta Propyl 5-pack. Embark on an exhilarating journey with Meta Propyl Poppers. Designed to amplify your world, this propyl nitrite poppers promise instant euphoria and relaxation, perfect for enhancing your experiences. Indulge in calming vibes with these 5 bottles from the famous Meta brand, whether at a party or for your intimate moments. Available in...

Discover the Meta Poppers range to have fun on any occasion. These aromas will give you relaxing, euphoric and disinhibiting effects, so you can totally let go. It allows you to regain all your vigour but also to increase sensations during intercourse. It can be used alone or with others, to discover new sources of pleasure.