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  • Condoms My.Size 60mm
    Condoms My.Size - 60mm x10
    My Size, the brand you need for custom-made condoms. Choose this King Size model for a circumference of 12 to 13cm. This reference, when unrolled, is approximately 19.5cm long. These condoms, made to CE standards, are pre-lubricated, transparent, smooth in texture and have a reservoir. These condoms are made from premium quality latex. The thickness of...
  • 10 Skyn original Condoms Skyn original Condoms
    Skyn original Condoms - Box of 10
    Skyn condoms are a range of condoms from the famous Manix brand. This pack that we are offering is composed of 10 condoms. They are made of Polyisoprene which is an ultra-resistant and ultra-fine material, you will not have the sensation of a naked penis. They have a reservoir, a smooth surface and are pre-lubricated. Tested to the strictest and highest...
  • Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms Fair Squared 10 Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms Fair Squared
    Ultra Thin Condoms - Vegan Fair Squared x10
    Heighten sensations during your sexual encounters with Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan condoms. These organic condoms, made of natural latex, are transparent and equipped with a reservoir. These 10 condoms are ultra-thin, you'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all.     Tips on use and storage: Vegan condoms Do not use if you are allergic to latex or...
  • XL Condoms by Lelo Hex Respect range pack of 3 XL Condoms by Lelo Hex Respect XL
    • 40% off
    XL Condoms - Lelo Hex Respect x3
    €7.14 40% off €11.90
    Lelo's HEX Respect XL condoms offer durability, strength and flexibility to the best-endowed men for enjoyment with all the comfort and safety possible. Lightly lubricated, these ultra-thin condoms make intercourse even easier and more pleasurable.  The organic latex-based structure of this condom is unique: 350 symmetrical hexagons that allow the condom...
  • XL Condoms by Lelo Hex Respect range pack of 12 12 XL Condoms by Lelo Hex
    • 40% off
    XL Condoms - Lelo Hex Respect x12
    €13.74 40% off €22.90
    Lelo XL condoms offer you greater comfort thanks to their unique hexagonal structure of 350 hexagons that allow a better fit and greater security. Lightly lubricated, these condoms are ultra-thin, only 0.045mm, giving a "second skin" effect! The diameter is 58 mm.  Lelo condoms are made from organic latex and are odourless.

Indulge in pure sensation with our ultra thin condoms, designed for heightened sensitivity without compromising safety. Experience intimate moments like never before with our premium range."