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  • 10 Skyn original Condoms Skyn original Condoms
    Skyn original Condoms - Box of 10
    Skyn condoms are a range of condoms from the famous Manix brand. This pack that we are offering is composed of 10 condoms. They are made of Polyisoprene which is an ultra-resistant and ultra-fine material, you will not have the sensation of a naked penis. They have a reservoir, a smooth surface and are pre-lubricated. Tested to the strictest and highest...
  • Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms Fair Squared 10 Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms Fair Squared
    Ultra Thin Condoms - Vegan Fair Squared x10
    Heighten sensations during your sexual encounters with Fair Squared Ultra Thin Vegan condoms. These organic condoms, made of natural latex, are transparent and equipped with a reservoir. These 10 condoms are ultra-thin, you'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all.     Tips on use and storage: Vegan condoms Do not use if you are allergic to latex or...
  • Condoms My.Size 60mm
    Condoms My.Size - 60mm x10
    My Size, the brand you need for custom-made condoms. Choose this King Size model for a circumference of 12 to 13cm. This reference, when unrolled, is approximately 19.5cm long. These condoms, made to CE standards, are pre-lubricated, transparent, smooth in texture and have a reservoir. These condoms are made from premium quality latex. The thickness of...
  • XL Condoms by Lelo Hex Respect range pack of 12 12 XL Condoms by Lelo Hex
    • 40% off
    XL Condoms - Lelo Hex Respect x12
    €13.74 40% off €22.90
    Lelo XL condoms offer you greater comfort thanks to their unique hexagonal structure of 350 hexagons that allow a better fit and greater security. Lightly lubricated, these condoms are ultra-thin, only 0.045mm, giving a "second skin" effect! The diameter is 58 mm.  Lelo condoms are made from organic latex and are odourless.
  • XL Condoms by Lelo Hex Respect range pack of 3 XL Condoms by Lelo Hex Respect XL
    • 40% off
    XL Condoms - Lelo Hex Respect x3
    €7.14 40% off €11.90
    Lelo's HEX Respect XL condoms offer durability, strength and flexibility to the best-endowed men for enjoyment with all the comfort and safety possible. Lightly lubricated, these ultra-thin condoms make intercourse even easier and more pleasurable.  The organic latex-based structure of this condom is unique: 350 symmetrical hexagons that allow the condom...

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