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List of products by Liquid Colors

Doctors Colors presents its intriguing poppers bottles with an original packaging! Try out these electric flavours to boost your nights. 

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  • Titanium poppers 24ml Liquid Colors Titanium Liquid Colors poppers Intensity 4 over 5
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    Titanium poppers 24ml
    €7.52 20% off €9.40
    Titanium poppers amyl. Discover the French Liquid Colors brand designed by Doctor Colors in his laboratory. Titanium Poppers is an aphrodisiac elixir with a high potential for euphoria and powerful sensations. Reach for the stars with this festive aroma thanks to amyl nitrite, the most powerful molecule on the market. This 24ml bottle of poppers is long...
  • Liquid Colors Oxygen poppers 24ml Oxygen Liquid Colors poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    Oxygen poppers 24ml
    Oxygen poppers from the French Liquid Colors family, designed in Doctor Colors laboratory. The magnetic power of this aroma will develop your bestiality, passion and greed during your intense moments. Head straight to the 7th heaven! Oxygen poppers are made of mix of amyl and propyl nitrite. This strong poppers will make you achieve anything.      24 ml...
  • Helium poppers 24ml Liquid Colors Helium Liquid Colors poppers Intensity 2 over 5
    Helium poppers 24ml
    Express your generosity and creativity with Helium poppers from Liquid Colors. Designed in Doctor Colors' laboratory, each elixirs is more inspiring than the last. This Helium poppers will help you defy the laws of gravity, to reach climax. This euphoric aroma, made of propyl nitrite, will make you laugh and feel good on any occasion.       Mood lifter...
  • Chemistry Poppers Pack by Liquid Colors Helium Chemistry Poppers Pack
    Chemistry Poppers Pack
    Discover Liquid Colors' 3-pack Chemistry Poppers. Three different poppers to answer to your desires! Helium poppers is the softest, made of Propyl aroma to enjoy all day long. Titanium poppers is the ultimate party aroma, thanks to amyl you'll be at the top of your game. Oxygen poppers is the best to have incredible sex, thanks to its amyl propyl formula....

The Liquid Colors brand of poppers is a selection of French flavours created by its chemist, Doctor Colors. He offers his overflowing generosity, his hippy side and puts his potential at the service of what he loves to create: poppers. 

The range includes three dedicated flavours for every moment of the day. Colorful formulas with electric scents for daytime, parties and intimacy.