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  • Delay Spray From Boners packaging Delay Spray From Boners
    • 20% off
    Ejaculation Delay Spray - Boners - 15ml
    €11.12 20% off €13.90
    Delay Spray Boners. This ejaculation delay spray will delay orgasm so that you can continue taking pleasure for longer. It comes in a small 15ml bottle so is the ideal size to be kept on your bedside table. Its pressure valve allows easy application. How to proceed? Shake the bottle before use and spray 2-5 times on your penis. Test a small amount of...
  • Erection Cream Boners packaging Erection Stimulating Cream Boners
    • 20% off
    Erection Stimulating Cream - Boners - 100ml
    €11.12 20% off €13.90
    Erection Stimulating Cream Boners 100 ml. This erection stimulating cream from Boners will help your erections last longer. How to apply it? Just massage your penis regularly with this erection cream. When used regularly, it will take you less and less time to get an erection. We advise you to wait until the erection cream has completely penetrated before...
  • XXL Cream Power Erection Boners packaging XXL Cream Power Erection Boners
    • 20% off
    XXL Cream Power Erection - Boners - 100ml
    €11.12 20% off €13.90
    Penis XXL erection Cream Boners. Want a bigger erection? The Penis XXL erection cream from Boners is just what you need! To use it, nothing could be simpler, just massage your penis with a little cream, the cream will stimulate blood circulation and thus increase the volume of your penis. You will enjoy greater stimulation and a better orgasm. It is...
  • Delay Ejaculation Cream Boners Packaging Delay Ejaculation Cream Boners 100ml
    • 20% off
    Delay Ejaculation Cream - Boners - 100ml
    €11.12 20% off €13.90
    Delay Cream Boners 100 ml. Aim for limitless pleasure with Boners Delay cream. This cream delays orgasm and allows you to enjoy a longer lasting erection. The silky texture of the cream is very pleasant on the skin. Apply a little cream to the penis and massage until it is absorbed. The cream has a numbing effect, so it is recommended to wait a few...
  • Sperm Volume Caps XPower 60 Capsules to increase the volume of sperm
    • 20% off
    Sperm Volume Caps - XPower - 60 Capsules
    €27.92 20% off €34.90
    Sperm Volume capsules from the French laboratory Labophyto are natural food supplements that increase the volume of sperm during ejaculation. Its active ingredients include: Almond: increases sperm volume Tribulus: helps increase testosterone levels Saffron: stimulates sperm motility    They intensify male orgasms and help maintain ejaculation, even after...
  • top virgin 60ml top virgin gel
    • 20% off
    TopVirgin 60ml
    €18.32 20% off €22.90
    TopVirgin 60ml. From the French Laphyto brand, TopVirgin gel is designed to tighten the vaginal walls and is ideal for women who want more powerful orgasms. Or those who experience a relaxation of the muscles of their intimacy following birth. Its special formula aims to provide a pleasant, natural sensation while giving a more fulfilling sexual...
  • Anal Relax Gel by XPower Anal Relax Gel to facilitate penetration
    • 20% off
    Anal Relax Gel - XPower - 60ml
    €22.32 20% off €27.90
    Anal Relax Gel by XPower. Enjoy the pleasures of sodomy with this relaxing gel for anal penetration. Suitable for beginners as well as the most experienced, the Anal Relax gel will become your best essential to reach anal orgasm. It can be applied during foreplay and during intercourse.Its active ingredients (cloves and oat leaves) will facilitate...
  • Titan XXL Developing Cream
    • 20% off
    Titan XXL - Developing Cream
    €18.32 20% off €22.90
    Titan Gel XXL 60ml. Titan XXL developing cream offers its user a more powerful erection thanks to its natural ingredients carefully selected by the French laboratory Labophyto, which has become the specialist in sexual well-being. The herbal extracts in Titan cream XXL improve blood flow and help expand men's sex for a more powerful erection and intense...
  • Titan XXL sex stimulant Titan XXL sex stimulant 20 capsules
    • 20% off
    Titan XXL Supplement - Capsules
    €42.32 20% off €52.90
    Titan XXL 20 capsules. Titan XXL sexual stimulant is a sex booster that works over a long period of time. This product has been designed for men who wish to obtain stronger erections as well as to increase their sexual desires and especially to have a pleasure that lasts to satisfy their partner as long as possible. With Titan XXL sexual stimulant, you...
  • XL Power Sex Booster 20 caps XL Power Sex Booster 20 Tablets
    • 20% off
    XL Power Stimulant - 20 tablets
    €47.92 20% off €59.90
    XL Power 20 capsules. XL Power sex booster improves performance and libido during sex with intensified pleasure and increased erections. The sexual stimulant XL Power is an aphrodisiac with several benefits for your sexual performance:                  It increases testosterone levels It improves erection It promotes blood circulation               It is...
  • SupraMen Sex Booster x20 SupraMen Sex Booster 20 Tablets
    • 20% off
    SupraMen Stimulant - 20 Tablets
    €43.92 20% off €54.90
    SupraMen 20 capsules. SupraMen sexual booster is one of the best selling sexual enhancers. This supplement, made in France, increases sexual power and desire and delays ejaculation by maintaining an erection. Sexual vitality is restored. It is recommended to take 2 capsules of SupraMen 1 hour before intercourse. SupraMen booster is a sexual stimulant that...
  • Maxi Control Stimulant Maxi Control Stimulant 60 tablets
    • 20% off
    Maxi Control Supplement - Capsules
    €23.92 20% off €29.90
    Maxi Control 60 capsules. Maxi Control "Delayed Ejaculation" capsules are an excellent sexual stimulant if you experience the following issues:                Premature ejaculation Sexual intercourse too short Stress due to daily life Decreased sexual performance...             These issues are common: 20% of men are affected by prematurity in their...
  • top bust gel top bust gel 60ml
    • 20% off
    TopBust Gel - 60ml
    €19.92 20% off €24.90
    TopBust Gel 60ml. This gel from the Labophyto brand is perfect for women wishing to increase their breast size and firm their skin. Its smooth purple texture acts fast and offers a more attractive curve. Apply a few drops of the gel on your fingertips and apply in circular upward movements. Gently massage your breasts until the TopBust gel is completely...
  • Hard-On Gel For Strong Erection by X Power
    • 20% off
    Erection Gel - Hard-On - XPower - 75ml
    €22.32 20% off €27.90
    Give power and firmness to your erections with Hard-On aphrodisiac gel. Using it during foreplay will help heighten arousal and improve sexual performance. You and your partner will experience even more pleasure!    Thanks to the following ingredients: Cayenne pepper improves blood flow to the penis Sunflower oil enhances the effects of cayenne pepper...
  • top bust caps top bust 60 capsules
    • 20% off
    TopBust - 60 capsules
    €19.92 20% off €24.90
    TopBust 60 capsules. You wish to increase the size of your breasts in a natural way? Try out TopBust caps for better skin firmness. The capsules are easy to take and their effects are visible over time.    How to use TopBust? Take two TopBust capsules in the morning with a large glass of water. The treatment can last as long as you like, as these capsules...
  • SupraMen 4 capsules SupraMen caps x4
    • 20% off
    SupraMen - 4 Capsules
    €10.32 20% off €12.90
    SupraMen 4 capsules. Made of plants, SupraMen is a dietary supplement that helps with intimate well-being and sexual balance in men. Its 4 caps boost sexual desire and aim to optimize erectile function, enhance vitality, and prolong the duration of intimate relations. From the Labophyto brand, these capsules are ideal for men who seek to boost their...
  • Testo Man Sexual Stimulant Testo Man Sexual Stimulant 60 Capsules
    • 20% off
    Testo Man Supplement - Capsules
    €19.92 20% off €24.90
    Testo Man 60 capsules. The Franch Laboratory Labophyto, specialised in sexual stimulants, presents its testosterone-boosting sexual stimulant: the well-named Testo Man. With Tribulus extracts, enriched with caffeine and vitamins B5, B6 and D, TestoMan capsules will increase your sexual performance and enhance your erection. Take Testo Man sexual...
  • Maxi Volum sperm sex stimulant Maxi Volum sex stimulant 60 capsules
    • 20% off
    Maxi Volum Supplement - Capsules
    €26.32 20% off €32.90
    Maxi Volum 60 capsules. Maxi Volum sexual stimulant "sperm" (contains 60 aphrodisiac capsules) will be a real asset for your libido. For an optimal result, we advise you to consume 2 capsules per day.          With these aphrodisiac capsules, you will quickly see improved sexual performance (and therefore more intense orgasms), including increased semen...

Sexual Stimulants

Boosters and Sexual Stimulants available on Euro Poppers UK


Discover our range of sexual stimulants! Subject to sexual breakdowns or want to be a god or goddess under the sheets? The factors impacting a decline in sexual performance are numerous. A degraded state of health, age, poor nutrition ... But also psychological factors such as depression, fatigue or stress. Regain your old vigour. Choose from all our products with aphrodisiac active ingredients and improve your sex life! Our range of sexual enhancers includes food tablets and stimulant gels!


What is a sexual enhancer?

Do you need to boost your libido? Are you prone to erectile dysfunction or maybe your sexual performance is reduced? Perhaps a sexual stimulant is the answer? Whether you are a woman or a man, a sexual enhancer can help you overcome a potential loss of confidence in your sexual abilities, to fight against the routine that is the worst kill-love. Achieve Olympic form thanks to a sexual stimulant adapted to your sexual desires. Consume daily or before intercourse depending on the formula.


Which is the best sexual enhancer?

It's up to you to find the best sexual enhancer for you depending on your requirements. Sexual stimulants are numerous and respond to different disorders or needs according to the composition of their formula.

Often sold in the form of capsules, food supplements or stimulating gels, a sexual stimulant can improve libido and boost your sexual performance. A sexual stimulant can eliminate your erectile dysfunction, prolong your erection, regulate your hormones or stimulate sperm production.

The sexual stimulants available on Euro Poppers UK are herbal, vitamin or mineral-based stimulants recognized for the quality of their powerful aphrodisiac effects. Our stock is mainly composed of food supplements to boost your sexual energy. Indeed, Euro Poppers UK chooses the best sexual stimulants offered on the market at the very best prices. Our food supplements, gels and capsules are plant-based and therefore natural.

We have selected the best sexual enhancers authorised in the United Kingdom and the European Union. So if you'd like to improve your sex life then go ahead and choose amongst our different products!


Which sexual stimulant for men?

Stimulate your erection in just 30 to 45 minutes! To do this, we often think of Viagra or Cialis. Remember that these stimulating products are only available on prescription. Euro Poppers UK offers you an alternative with quality sexual enhancers for men.

Our food supplements and stimulating gels allow you to increase the levels of hormones and testosterone naturally contained in your body. They will also stimulate sexual desire, delay premature ejaculation, prolong erection, improve sexual stamina and performance. Your partner will thank you!


Stimulating gels

Opt for a natural stimulating gel! There are heating gels, which increase the quantity and quality of sperm or have delayed ejaculation effects. Perfect for your love-making sessions. Their pleasant texture is light and soft, some are suitable for massages. Often odourless, a stimulating gel does not stick or stain. They are composed of plants used for aphrodisiac purposes since the dawn of time and depending on their formula are compatible with condoms. It is recommended to apply the stimulating gels during your foreplay in order to stimulate desire. Prepare your partner for unusual erotic games.


Vegetable tablets or capsules

Sexual stimulants in the form of food supplements (tablets or capsules) are usually to be taken daily. Thus, they act on your sperm, testosterone level or erection problems over time so as to be long-lasting. Associated with vitamins and minerals, their formulas are also based on aphrodisiac plants.


Add some spice!

To accentuate the effects of your sexual stimulant, try going to the Male Toys corner. There are a few cock rings there that will give additional help. Silicone or TPR penis rings that compress your penis and testicles so as to maintain your erection at the same time as increasing your sexual desire.


What natural sexual stimulant for men?

The sexual stimulant capsules or tablets formulas are very often herbal-based. Like Tribulus Terrestris, Ginseng or other plants with aphrodisiac properties that help boost your libido. Enjoy the aphrodisiac power of a high quality natural sexual enhancer for men. Before that, let's look into the effects of the selection of plants, vitamins and minerals that are used in our different sexual stimulants depending on which one you choose:



Ginger is a very famous root in the culinary world but also in medicine and particularly for its aphrodisiac effects. Under the Chinese Empire It was a widely used plant. Ginger is also an energiser.


Maca or Peruvian Ginseng

Recognised for its medicinal qualities for thousands of years, Maca or Peruvian Ginseng is a plant that contains essential aphrodisiac properties. Get in shape and arouse your sexual urges. Maca is synonymous with energy and endurance and so will heighten your sexual performance and stamina. It reduces fatigue and stress and, by increasing sperm production, is the answer to erectile problems. Maca is an aphrodisiac for both men and women.


Bois Bandé

Also known as Muira Puama, this ancestral plant has been used in the Amazon for a very long time. In the past, Muria Puama has proven to be effective for treating erectile problems. This plant helps achieve a positive physical and emotional state. It increases vitality, erection and sexual pleasure. For both women or men, Bois Bandé balances and stabilises hormone levels.


Tribulus Terrestris

The aphrodisiac power of Tribulus Terrestris is more particularly for men. Its effects are to increase testosterone levels, regulate hormones and give more strength and stamina to men. It helps stimulate an erection and is particularly useful for older men.


Vitamins B6

Vitamin B6 added to magnesium is ideal for fighting fatigue, the great enemy of your libido.



Zinc helps maintain the testosterone levels necessary to arouse desire.


Premature ejaculation problems? Sexual vitality or even Sexual desire problems? Go for these natural sexual enhancers! If these stimulants are not enough to resolve your difficulties we advise you to consult your doctor or a specialist.


The stimulants with aphrodisiac properties for women that are available on Euro Poppers UK have an effect on female orgasm intensity. They regulate hormone levels, especially for women who are menopaused.