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  • Meta amyl poppers Meta amyl 24ml Intensity 4 over 5
    • New
    Meta Amyl 24ml
    Meta Amyl poppers 24 ml. Embrace the euphoric and intense effects of the Meta Amyl and its 24ml bottle for long-lasting sensations. From the well-known brand Meta and its colorful bottles. This Secret Gotha Formula comes with a nicely designed cardboard box. Solo, or with others, make the best of your night and make all your desires come true. Also...
  • meta trio poppers meta pentyl trio
    • New
    Meta Trio 24ml
    Meta Trio poppers 24 ml. Experience the virtues of three different nitrites in one order! Our Meta Trio poppers pack will open the gates to an exciting and intense sensory adventure. So get on board and embrace the three aromas from the colorful and inspiring Meta brand! Amyl, propyl, and pentyl based, try out all of them according to your mood or...
  • Meta propyl poppers Meta propyl 24ml Intensity 2 over 5
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    Meta Propyl 24ml
    Meta Propyl poppers 24 ml. Sweet but powerful, this propyl nitrite-based aroma from the famous Meta brand is about to become your best ally to set the party alight. Perfectly suited for beginners, let its euphoric effects do their magic. Use it also for your intimate moments thanks to the vasodilatory virtues to make the most of your night. Available with...
  • Meta Pentyl poppers Meta Pentyl 24ml Intensity 3 over 5
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    Meta Pentyl 24ml
    Meta Pentyl poppers 24 ml. Meta Pentyl aroma and its 24ml will become your favorite companion for intense erotic nights. Its powerful vasodilatory effects relax the muscles for an incredible and hot moment. Pentyl nitrite-based, this poppers will take you to a world of endless pleasure. Enjoy its colorful bottle from the Meta brand and take it anywhere...
  • Iron fist ultra strong poppers Iron fist ultra strong
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    Iron Fist Ultra Strong
    Iron Fist Ultra Strong poppers 24 ml. Order the most powerful poppers of them all, buy the Iron Fist ultra strong intense nitrite at the best price. Its 24ml aluminum bottle contains NPentyl nitrite for maximum aphrodisiac effects and will add some spice to your intimate moments. It's the most powerful aroma on the market!   Discover a super experience...
  • super rush poppers super rush poppers uk Intensity 4 over 5
    • New
    Super Rush 10ml
    Super Rush poppers 10 ml. Need a powerful super rush effect? You've come to the right place! Super Rush poppers from the famous Rush brand is a small-sized but powerful bottle. Amyl nitrite-based, it offers fast and strong effects for a very attractive price. The juice of this Rush poppers is perfect for initiates who wish to try a different aroma. Its...
  • Private Club 10ml poppers Private Club poppers Intensity 3 over 5
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    Private Club 10ml
    €4.40 -€2.50 €6.90
    Private Club Poppers. A party flavour, made to accompany you on all your nights out. Made from propyl nitrite, the effects of this poppers will be mild at first, but will gradually build up after each use, to reach a feeling of well-being and lightness. Its opaque 10 ml bottle is ideal for transporting and retaining its euphoric aroma. Let this...
  • ID Poppers 10ml ID Poppers UK Intensity 3 over 5
    • New
    ID Poppers 10ml
    ID Poppers 10ml. With ID poppers, be proud to be yourself! This poppers has been specially designed to support the LGBTQI+ community and represents all the colours of the rainbow, without distinction. Its lightweight, long-lasting propyl nitrite-based formula will delight beginners and die-hard fans alike! Its aphrodisiac and disinhibiting effects will...
  • Black Skull Poppers 24ml Black Skull Poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    • New
    Black Skull 24ml
    Black Skull Poppers 24ml. Surrender to the matte black version with Black Skull poppers and enjoy extraordinary experiences after dark. Its aroma, a mix of amyl and propyl nitrites, makes its effects smooth and progressive. Its safety cap means you can carry it around without losing a drop of your precious aroma. Delivered in an opaque skull-shaped glass...
  • Everest Mini Poppers 10ml Everest Poppers Mini 10ml Intensity 3 over 5
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    Everest Mini 10ml
    Everest Mini Poppers. Great mini poppers from the famous Everest Aromas brand. Everest Mini is a 10ml poppers contained in a practical and colourful bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. Its molecule is a mixture of amyl and propyl nitrites, perfect to accompany your moments of euphoria and fun.       Everest Aromas 10ml amyl propyl
  • Amyl Poppers 30ml Strong Amyl Poppers UK 30ml Intensity 5 over 5
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    Amyl Poppers 30ml
    Discover the unbeatable Amyl Poppers in its 30 ml format, an authentic aphrodisiac aromas that will take you to new heights of pleasure. This product is known for its amyl-based formula, which gives it potency and long-lasting effects, perfect for those seeking a uniquely stimulating experience.   This 30ml poppers is presented in an elegant Boston-sized...