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  • Cosmic Power Poppers Pack Rush Poppers Cosmic Power pack Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Cosmic Power Poppers Pack
    €34.32 20% off €42.90
    Cosmic Power Poppers Pack. Embark on a cosmic adventure with this 4-pack from four different brands. Start with Rush Cosmic Power, a daring sensory experience that takes your intimate moments to new heights. Designed for those seeking intense and unique sensations, this premium poppers promises an unforgettable cosmic adventure. Continue your journey with...
  • discovery poppers pack Amsterdam poppers Discovery Pack
    • 20% off
    Discovery Pack
    €27.92 20% off €34.90
    Discovery Pack. New to the poppers world or still hesitating between all these tempting aromas? Try out our pack to discover a large range of products and find the right one for you! Suitable for beginners as well as experts, Juic'd Original poppers will lead the way through euphoric and quick effects to make the most of your parties. Propyl...
  • Big 4 Poppers Pack All Black Big 4 Poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    • 20% off
    Big 4 Poppers Pack
    €27.12 20% off €33.90
    The Big 4 Poppers pack to discover the 4 great essential propyl aromas! The All Black poppers, the very famous Amsterdam poppers, the great Propyl and finally, the tender Juic'd poppers. what do they have in common? These 4 monsters of the poppers society are all contained in a 24ml bottle and their formula is based on Propyl nitrite. Despite these...
  • SCANDAL Poppers 4-Pack Adler Poppers Scandal pack
    • 20% off
    Scandal Pack
    €27.12 20% off €33.90
    You'll make others jealous! Thanks to this pack of 4 poppers, the tension will gradually increase. The Fist poppers Deep Formula, an Amyl nitrite aroma that, as its name suggests, accompanies you to anal depths. With the Adler poppers, spend moments on cloud nine thanks to its Amyl nitrite formula. Propyl poppers provides the power to ride anyone or...
  • Frozen Poppers 4-Pack Blue Night Lolita Poppers Frozen
    • 20% off
    Frozen Pack
    €27.92 20% off €34.90
    4 poppers, 4 atmospheres. This "Frozen" pack is made up of Lolita Blue Night Poppers for your evenings bathed in sensuality. It quickly relaxes your muscles and a feeling of relaxation is immediately felt. The Lolita Carnel Juice poppers is also an excellent aphrodisiac with a light smell. Then we find the hard stuff with the Red Pangolin Poppers. This...
  • Extreme Fist Poppers Pack Fist Poppers Extreme Pack Intensity 4 over 5
    • 20% off
    Extreme Fist Pack
    €23.12 20% off €28.90
    Fans of the most extreme practices such as fisting or anal sex? This Extreme Fist pack is for you! Push your limits with these poppers. You'll find two 24ml poppers: Fist Hard and Fist Deep Formula and two 10ml poppers: Fist Hard and Fist Deep Formula. All four are made with amyl nitrite, so they don't affect erectile function. All four come with a safety...

Pack of 4 Poppers

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Buy cheap poppers online

Time to treat yourself! With Euro Poppers UK, you can buy cheap poppers with good value for money references. Our packs of 4 references allow you to enjoy good discounts compared to the price of one unit.


Packs of 4 bottles of poppers

Discover our packs of poppers with 4 references. These packs are made with identical or different poppers according to your wishes. Our bottles of pentyl, propyl or amyl nitrite are available in bottles from 10 to 30ml.


What are the benefits of buying poppers packs?

The advantages of the poppers packs are numerous:

  • You save money
  • You have your supply of poppers
  • You can discover new references
  • You can offer or share poppers


Why buy packs of poppers on our site? 

Euro Poppers UK, over 10 years of experience and expertise. We sell true poppers at bargain prices because we buy them directly from producers. Your poppers are delivered in 2 to 4 days in solid, discreet and padded parcels. Our after-sales service team is at your disposal from 8 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday for any questions you may have.


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