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  • BlackOut 10ml poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    BlackOut 10ml
    BlackOut 10ml. 100% French, this extra strong aroma poppers is Amyl nitrite based. Let yourself be electrified by the force of butyl for more intense, more exhilarating, more enjoyable orgasms. Be completely uninhibited, let everything go and feel its greatness! Be careful not to BlackOut!    Amyl Nitrite 10 ml Bottle
  • Flag poppers 10ml Intensity 3 over 5
    Flag 10ml
    Flag 10ml. This rainbow bottle contains a colourful vasodilator. It draws its strength from Propyl nitrite and is a very strong poppers! Gentlemen, exceed your desires with Flag, this poppers is specially designed for you!    Propyl nitrite 10ml bottle
  • Lady poppers 10ml Intensity 2 over 5
    Lady 10ml
    Lady 10ml. Get ready ladies this poppers is specially made for you! Its delicate and exquisite aroma will immediately relax you and optimise your sensuality. Perfect for all desires, from soft to hard, ladies don't hesitate any longer!      Propyl nitrite 10ml bottle
  • Pur Amyl 10ml poppers Intensity 4 over 5
    Pur Amyl 10ml
    Pur Amyl 10ml. As the name suggests, Pur Amyl is an Amyl nitrite based poppers. Thanks to the unique formula the Jolt brand has created an ultra-powerful 'thrills guaranteed' poppers. Pure Amyl comes in a 10ml glass bottle.      Made in France 10 ml bottle Amyl Nitrite
  • Pur Amyl Propyl 10ml Poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    Pur Amyl Propyl 10ml
    Pur Amyl Propyl is a Poppers from the brand Jolt. Be quick to discover this poppers composed of both Amyl and Propyl nitrite. Its composition makes it an exceptional poppers for a sensational experience!    Amyl nitrite & Propyl nitrite based 10ml poppers
  • Pur Poppers Pack with Pur Amyl & Pur Amyl Propyl Pur Amyl Propyl poppers in pack
    Pur Poppers Pack
    A Pur duo! The Pur Amyl poppers is, as its name suggests, an Amyl nitrite poppers. Intended to stimulate your nights and intimate moments, it relaxes you to release your sexual urges. A rather powerful aroma for long-lasting effects. Alongside it, discover the Pur Amyl Propyl poppers, a mix of Amyl and Propyl nitrites. Poppers give both euphoric and...