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List of products by Jungle Juice poppers

Enter a euphoric world with the Jungle Juice brand and its colourful poppers bottles carefully crafted to offer you the best experience for your nights out. 

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  • Juice ZERO 10ml poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    Juice ZERO 10ml
    Juice Zero 10 ml. This poppers is a formula based on both Propyl and Amyl nitrites. This explosive mix offers us the power of a very strong poppers. The effects are heightened. Enjoy it for a long time thanks to the Mega Pellet contained in the bottle. The Mega Pellet is a large ball that keeps the aroma of the vasodilator away from moisture and therefore...
  • Juice Zero 24ml Poppers Intensity 3 over 5
    Juice Zero 24ml
    Juice Zero 24ml. Here is an explosive nitrite mixture! The mixture of Amyle and Isopropyl nitrite will allow you to increase your sensations tenfold, both in terms of orgasms and anal dilatation. The bottle contains one Mega Pellet. This large ball will eliminate the humidity inside for longer preservation of the vasodilator.   Propyl and Amyl nitrite...

Jungle Juice is an expedition into a realm of unparalleled sensations and unbridled excitement. This renowned brand stands as a beacon for thrill-seekers, encapsulating the essence of exhilaration in every bottle. The essence of Jungle Juice Poppers lies in its electrifying experience. From the moment the cap is twisted open, an intense experience begins. Bold flavors and daring combinations are the signature of this brand, catering to those who seek more than just a typical experience. Packaged in vibrant, eye-catching designs, Jungle Juice Poppers' bottles mirror the brand's adventurous spirit.