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Poppers Gas Mask Filter Cartridge

Poppers Gas Mask Cartridge Filter


Gas mask filter cartridge. This cartridge is part of the integral gas mask for poppers. It screws perfectly onto the mask hose, also sold individually. Using the cartridge with a gas mask is the best way to enjoy your poppers to its fullest thanks to a cotton pad soaked in your favourite poppers on the inside. You'll feel the effects tenfold, ideal for a kinky and torrid night under the sheets. 

Get the full gas mask pack for magical nights.


How do I use the gas mask filter cartridge with poppers?

  • Insert a cotton ball soaked in poppers into the upper part of the cartridge.
  • Remove the lid on the lower part to create an air flow and screw it onto the mask.
  • Using the mask increases the effects of poppers tenfold, giving you a stronger sensation.

Brand: MOI


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Details about Poppers Gas Mask Filter Cartridge

  • Cartridge hose connection diameter: 40 mm
  • Clean with a damp sponge
  • Not suitable as respiratory protection
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