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mini aroma bottle

Mini Aroma Bottle For Poppers Mask


Mini Aroma Bottle for Poppers Mask. Want to have a futuristic mask for poppers? We have exactly what you need: a mini aroma bottle to enjoy the poppers effects fully. It is easily screwed onto your mask thanks to the M40 connector integrated directly into the mask. 


How to use it?

Add cotton, soaked in your favourite nitrite, inside the mini bottle and screw it directly to your mask or hose. Enjoy your aromas!


  • Sold individually
  • Fits all poppers masks and filter hose

Brand: MOI


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Features of Mini Aroma Bottle For Poppers Mask

  • Brand: MOI
  • Fits the filter hose and poppers masks
  • Material: black anodized aluminium
  • Never play alone, never leave your partner unattended
  • Do not put the poppers bottle or the liquid directly into the vial, as this may cause burns if spilled. 
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