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Alien Poppers Gas Mask Full Pack
  • Alien Poppers Gas Mask Full Pack
  • Alien Poppers Gas Mask pack
  • Alien Poppers Gas Mask Full Pack cartridge
  • Alien Poppers Gas Mask Full Pack hose

Alien Poppers Gas Mask Pack

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This pack of the Alien gas mask has 2 eye openings and a separate air inlet and outlet. Sold with its filter cartridge and hose, this fetish gas mask will give you a sexy "alien" look

Ideal for rubber fetishes and breathing control games. This mask is based on the classic Israeli gas mask and is size-adjustable with detachable straps at the back of the head. The Alien gas mask has many advantages: it can be worn as a fetish and BDSM accessory and increases the effects of poppers tenfold. A filter hose and/or filter cartridge can be connected to the mask air inlet. 

The cap with external thread and hole is an original accessory on this gas mask. It helps to reduce breathing air in a targeted way.


How do I use a gas mask with poppers?

  • Insert a cotton ball soaked in poppers into the upper part of the cartridge.
  • Remove the cover from the lower part to create an air flow and screw it onto the mask.
  • Using the mask increases the effects of poppers tenfold, giving you even stronger sensations.


How do I clean a gas mask?

The poppers mask can be cleaned with a damp sponge only. Water and detergents will damage the material and filters inside the mask.


Brand: MOI


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Details of Alien Poppers Gas mask Full Pack

  • Alien fetish gas mask
  • For rubber fetishism and breath-control play
  • Gives an exciting "alien" look
  • Adjustable, suitable for everyone
  • Gas mask hose and empty filters are available separately

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