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T-splitter for poppers mask
  • T-splitter for poppers mask
  • t-splitter
  • t-splitter poppers mask
  • t-splitter mask

T-Splitter For Poppers Mask


T-Splitter For Poppers Mask. Specially designed to use with poppers masks, this T-Splitter will be your best ally for an unforgettable night. Your poppers accessory is fitted with two outings to vary your pleasures, it can be: an air outing on one side and a poppers one on the other. Add the T-Splitter to your mask and multiply the combinations to make your futuristic mask unique!


  • Compatible with all poppers masks
  • Fitted with two tips
  • Easy to screw on
  • Ideal for fetish and BDSM practices
  • Operates with one or more filter cartridges and dedicated filter bags

Brand: MOI


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More About T-Splitter For Poppers Mask

  • Brand: MOI
  • Material: black aluminium
  • Fits poppers masks
  • We highly recommend not playing alone with this accessory, make sure to be accompanied.
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