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Twin Poppers Cap
  • Twin Poppers Cap
  • Double Twin Poppers Cap by XTRM SNFFR
  • Twin Poppers Sniffer for 2 bottles

Twin Poppers Cap by XTRM


Take it to the next level with the XTRM Twin popper cap. Thanks to this unique accessory, you can enjoy the 2 aromas of your favourite poppers simultaneously. It could not be easier! Just remove the original cap from your two favourite poppers (keep the caps to the side) and screw the XTRM Twin cap onto each tip. This accessory is rigid but easy to use. The texture is soft and non-porous. This cap gives you the opportunity to make your own mix of poppers. You can also say goodbye to burns and yellow scabs the day after. The XTRM Twin poppers cap has been designed for multiple-sized bottles.       


  • Poppers sniffer cap
  • Use 2 bottles simultaneously 
  • Poppers not included


To prevent the cap from deteriorating due to excessive contact with liquid we recommend that the outside of the popper's bottleneck be cleaned of any liquid before and after use.

Not suitable for all Poppers, see the compatibility document available for download below in "Attachments". Poppers in the picture are not included.




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Details about the XTRM Twin Poppers cap

  • European manufacturing
  • Brand XTRM
  • Colour: Black
  • Rigid, soft and non-porous material
  • Double opening
  • 4 ventilation holes
  • Keep the original poppers cap
  • Do not lean the bottle while using
  • Use with caution
  • Do not clean with water
  • Keep away from heat
  • Buy poppers separately


Twin XTRM Poppers cap

Compatibility twin poppers cap

Download (348.59k)
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