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XL Poppers Cap
  • XL Poppers Cap
  • Large Poppers Cap XTRM
  • Poppers Sniffer XTRM for Large poppers
  • Large Poppers Sniffer XTRM

Poppers Cap - XTRM XL


Want immediate and powerful stimulation? You'll be happy with the XL Poppers cap from XTRM! This cap is very easy to use, it is screwed onto the bottle in place of the original cap. Do not throw away the original cap, so you can close your poppers after using the XTRM cap.

Please note: this cap is only suitable for use with Everest Brutal poppers!

  • Cap for XL poppers
  • Brand: XTRM
  • Only compatible with Everest Brutal Poppers
  • Poppers not included

To prevent the cap from deteriorating due to excessive contact with liquid, we recommend that the outside of the poppers bottleneck be cleaned of any liquid before and after use.




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Information about XTRM SNFFR XL Poppers accessory

  • Made in Europe
  • Brand: XTRM 
  • Reinforce the effect of your poppers
  • Use with caution
  • Does not replace the original cap
  • Keep the safety cap of the bottle to be able to close it after use
  • Not leakproof, do not overturn the bottle
  • Do not wash the cap
  • Do not expose to heat
  • For use with Everest Brutal poppers only (sold separately)
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