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Cosmic Power Poppers Pack Intensity  over 5
Intensity  over 5

Cosmic Power Poppers Pack


Cosmic Power Poppers Pack. Embark on a cosmic adventure with this 4-pack from four different brands. Start with Rush Cosmic Power, a daring sensory experience that takes your intimate moments to new heights. Designed for those seeking intense and unique sensations, this premium poppers promises an unforgettable cosmic adventure.

Continue your journey with the Juic'd Cosmic Power and its 24ml bottle, your ticket to a mind-blowing sensory experience. Dive into a world of intense sensations and exhilarating pleasures with this premium quality poppers, specially designed for those looking for a surge of energy and passion in their intimate moments.

Enter a world of euphoria with the Amsterdam XXX Cosmic Power. With its concentrated 24ml bottle, this poppers works quickly to plunge you instantly into a heightened sensory state. The effects kick in instantly for an instant experience.

End your adventure with the Le Jus Cosmic Power. This poppers invites you on a transcendent sensory experience, a captivating journey to new heights of pleasure. This poppers is specially designed for those looking for intense sensations and unforgettable moments.

All these juices are pentyl nitrite-based for a cosmic journey you won't be able to forget! 


  • Pentyl nitrite
  • 24ml poppers bottles
  • 4-pack

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More about Cosmic Power Poppers Pack

  • Pentyl nitrite
  • Cosmic Power poppers range
  • LeJus poppers brand
  • Juic'd brand
  • Rush aromas
  • Amsterdam poppers
  • High-quality
Data sheet
Pentyl poppers
Secure Opening
with safety cap
Bottle material
Glass poppers

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