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discovery poppers pack

Discovery Pack


Discovery Pack. New to the poppers world or still hesitating between all these tempting aromas? Try out our pack to discover a large range of products and find the right one for you! Suitable for beginners as well as experts, Juic'd Original poppers will lead the way through euphoric and quick effects to make the most of your parties. Propyl nitrite-based, enjoy its 24ml bottle for endless pleasure. 

Poppers Amsterdam is a classic: effects guaranteed! It rises quickly and powerfully. It 24ml propyl bottle will relax your muscles and give you an immediate feeling of well-being! A classic to discover and rediscover for your naughtiest evenings and nights...

With its iconic bottle, Bad Bitch poppers will be the perfect companion for your parties and night sessions... In a 15ml bottle, slip it in your pocket and wake your inner bad bitch thanks to this amyl and propyl flavor. 

Discover the instant power of relaxation with BPM Poppers. An exclusive blend of 15ml isopropyl nitrite designed to release a wave of relaxation and euphoria in just a few seconds. 


  • Amyl & propyl nitrites
  • 24ml bottles
  • 15ml bottles

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  • Amyl and propyl poppers
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Airtight cap
  • High-quality
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