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Iron fist ultra strong poppers Intensity  over 5
  • Iron fist ultra strong poppers
  • Iron fist ultra strong
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Iron Fist Ultra Strong

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Iron Fist Ultra Strong poppers 24 ml. Order the most powerful poppers of them all, buy the Iron Fist ultra strong intense nitrite at the best price. Its 24ml aluminum bottle contains NPentyl nitrite for maximum aphrodisiac effects and will add some spice to your intimate moments. It's the most powerful aroma on the market!  

Discover a super experience with Iron Fist Ultra Strong poppers. Designed for thrill-seekers, this powerful poppers bottle offers a quick power rush and an unmatched euphoric effect. With its unique formula and high concentration, this aroma guarantees new stimulating and exhilarating experiences.

Iron Fist Ultra Strong will push the limits with its exclusive super formula. Its carefully crafted juice guarantees quick and powerful effects, taking arousal to new heights. Add it to your shopping list now!

Every drop counts. The high concentration of Npentyl aroma in this poppers will ensure a maximum experience, amplifying sensations and creating a euphoria that envelops you from the very first try. Make the best of your parties!

Forget about waiting. Iron Fist Ultra Strong juice works super fast, intensifying every moment. Immerse yourself in an unprecedented state of sensory well-being. Order this colorful aroma bottle and its cardboard box at the best price.  


  • Npentyl nitrite
  • 24ml bottle
  • Quick power rush

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About Iron Fist Ultra Strong Poppers

  • Npentyl aroma
  • 24ml poppers bottle
  • Powerful formula
  • High-quality
  • Quick effects
Data sheet
Pentyl poppers
Bottle material
Aluminium poppers
CAS Number
(CAS 463-04-7) + (CAS 123-51-3)
Compatible poppers cap
Leakproof Small
XTRM Small
Made in EU
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