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  • Passion Fruit water-based flavoured lube
    Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube - Passion Fruit - Swiss Navy
    Flavoured & Edible Lube Swiss Navy. If you are a fruit fan, you will be delighted by the passion fruit flavoured water-based lubricant. This type of lubricant is suitable for all sexual practices and is safe for the skin. It will improve natural lubrication, especially in the case of vaginal dryness. Its gel texture is soft and non-sticky. This...
  • Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube Very Wild Cherry
    Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube - Very Wild Cherry - Swiss Navy
    Lubricant Swiss Navy Very Wild Cherry. The Swiss Navy brand offers you a gourmet cherry flavoured water-based lubricant. It will complement natural lubrication and will vary the pleasures of everyday life. This lubricating gel will be perfect for all your sexual practices and will bring a fruity touch during sexual intercourse. The bottle is equipped with...
  • Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube Strawberry & Kiwi
    Water-based Flavored & Edible Lube - Strawberry & Kiwi - Swiss Navy
    Spice up your lovemaking with this water-based flavoured lubricant! It is a 100% gourmet lubricant because it is also edible. The kiwi and strawberry flavour, with its fruity taste, will appeal to fruit lovers. Its pressure cap is very practical and prevents possible leaks. This water-based edible lube is compatible with sex toys and condoms. Suitable for...

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