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Iron Fist 10ml 3-Pack
  • Iron Fist 10ml 3-Pack
  • Iron Fist 3-Pack Black label poppers
  • Iron Fist 3-Pack Ultra Strong poppers
  • Iron Fist 3-Pack 10ml poppers

Iron Fist 10ml Pack

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Iron Fist 10ml Pack. Enter the realm of excitement with the Iron Fist Pack – a collection designed to ignite your experiences and fuel your adventures. This exclusive poppers pack combines the potent formulations of Iron Fist (amyl), Iron Fist Black Label (pentyl) and Iron Fist Ultra Strong (Npentyl) in 10ml bottles. Whether you're seeking intense euphoria or electrifying stimulation, the Iron Fist Pack is your gateway to unforgettable experiences filled with power and intensity.


  • Amyl, pentyl and Npentyl formulas
  • 10ml bottles
  • 3-pack

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More about Iron Fist 3-Pack

  • Amyl, pentyl and Npentyl poppers
  • 10ml small bottles
  • 3-pack
  • Strong formulas
  • Ideal for anal & fisting
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