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Blue Poppers Pack
  • Blue Poppers Pack
  • Lolita Blue Poppers
  • Everest Zero Poppers pack
  • Amyl Titanium blue Poppers

Blue Pack


Blue Poppers Pack. This pack of poppers will surprise you with its intense blue colour. We've selected this pack of 3 products that have made a name for themselves for their intense aromas and powerful effects. Amyl nitrite in Amyl Titanium and pentyl in Lolita Blue are the two most powerful molecules. As for Everest Zero, it's made from a mix of amyl and propyl nitrites to reduce side effects such as headaches. Enough to delight beginners looking for thrills and pleasure, as well as the most experienced poppers users who are used to these intense effects.


Without further ado, we present this series of blue poppers:


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Specific features of the blue poppers pack 

  • 3 different poppers 
  • 15ml and 24ml
  • Amyl, pentyl and amyl/propyl mixture nitrites
  • Safety cap
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