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Friendly Poppers Pack UK Intensity  over 5
  • Friendly Poppers Pack UK
  • Everest Poppers friendly pack
  • ID Poppers friendly pack
  • BPM Poppers friendly pack
Intensity  over 5

Friendly Poppers Pack


Here is a pack of poppers to share with friends. It's time for lots of laughter with Everest Mini, ID and BPM poppers. All French Poppers, Everest Mini is made by Everest Aromas Poppers brand. All these poppers can be used for an evening with friends as well as for an unexpected orgy. Made from propyl nitrite aromas BPM and ID poppers are a sensory and euphoric gem. Everest Mini a 10ml mixture of amyl and propyl nitrites, perfect to accompany your moments of euphoria and fun.


  • 10 and 15ml poppers bottles
  • Propyl and Amyl - propyl nitrites

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Composition of the Friendly pack

  • Friendly Poppers Pack
  • BPM - ID - Everest Mini
  • Pack of 3 poppers
  • Propyl and Propyl Amyl formula 
  • Bottles containing 10ml and 15ml
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