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German Amyl Pack with Adler & Faust Poppers Intensity  over 5
  • German Amyl Pack with Adler & Faust Poppers
  • Faust poppers in German pack
  • Adler poppers in German pack
Intensity  over 5

German Amyl Pack


Discover the quality of German poppers with this pack of 2. One is the Adler poppers, made with Amyl nitrite. It has an imposing aroma that quickly arouses your senses and is long-lasting. The other is the Faust poppers, its bottle is adorned with a proud fist. Also Amyl nitrite-based, it is used to disinhibit and relax soft and smooth muscles in order to let everything go as you wish. As you will now have understood, this pack is the perfect aphrodisiac kit.       


  • Pack of 2 Amyl Poppers 
  • 2 x 10ml bottles
  • Made in Germany

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More details on the German Poppers Duo Pack

  • Pack of German poppers
  • Adler and Faust
  • Amyl formula
  • 10ml Poppers
  • Pocket-size
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